Ended-Mar 30 ,2019 Rating-7/10 ChainZilla(ZILLA) is a company that streamlines blockchain development and deployment. It allows companies and individuals to launch blockchains, decentralized applications, and initial coin offerings with minimal effort. Goal is to become the standard for Do-it-Yourself blockchain deployment and managed blockchain services. They offer blockchain solutions for Komodo, Ethereum, Nem, and Qtum. […]


Heta Chain Platform

Ended-Jan 30, 2019  Rating-7.1/10 HetaChain(HETA) is an advance, high- performance blockchain 3.0 built with industrial scale computational capabilities that immutably allows users to deploy decentralized applications devoid of censorship, fraud, downtime or third party incurred costs.        Forum Link               #Dapp/Smart Contract              #Platforms

One Ledger


Ended-Jun 16, 2018  Rating-5.8/10 OneLedger(OLT) is a cross-ledger agnostic protocol that enables high-performance scaling using a sharded and modified practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus scheme — which allows for either a permissionless or permissioned setting.                    #Blockchain            #Platforms