Ends-Aug 31, 2019 Rating-6.8/10 KryptiCoin can replace the need for Fiat Currency when buying, selling, or trading services, goods, and assets. KryptiCoin will be listed on trading platforms and allow the holder of KryptiCoin a chance to monetize or exchange KryptiCoin for other cryptocurrencies. KriptiWallet holders can simply agree to their own exchange rate, select […]



Ended-Sep 30, 2018  Rating-7.3/10 We design and create HydroCoin(HYC) to be the currency for the hydrogen age. It will ensure that future clean technology will be used with clean fuel only, without the need for the use of fossil energy. HydroCoin (HYC)will be the first currency that enables the owners to decide what technologies will […]



Ended-Jun 11, 2018  Rating-6.4/10 ShoCoin(SHO) is a unit of cryptocurrency for peer-to-peer exchange of value within the ShoCard IM Platform. ShoCoins(SHO) can be purchased or sold on the Stellar exchange and other supporting exchanges that list cryptocurrencies. ShoCard’s patented Identity Management platform is intended to be easy to use and to remove friction and cost […]