Ends-Nov 14, 2019 Rating-7.6/10 Pieta(Pieta) is the world’s first blockchain project that aims to minimize the cost of cryptocurrency mining via solar farms and make it more accessible and environment-friendly. It will be done with the use of the new X20 algorithm which reduces energy consumption in blockchain mining by keeping the mining hardware cool. […]



Ends-Oct 20, 2019 Rating-7.6/10 Azultec(AZU) aims to help solving the energy  problem caused by high performance computing such as rendering with an innovative concept. The primary focus is an efficient,affordable and really fast rendering solution for small and  large enterprises and to make rendering at home possible. During rendering pauses mining cryptocurrencies is available to […]



Ended-Jan 21, 2019 Rating-7.5/10 InnovaMinex(INX) is a business model that uses blockchain technology to guarantee the traceability of precious metals. By applying a set of procedures, it is possible to certify the whole process, from its origin in the mines, to the refinery and the commercialization to the end consumer.     Forum Link        #Manufacturing/Mine           […]

Swiss Alps


Ended-Oct 29, 2018  Rating-7.1/10 Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAM) is Swiss Alps Mining & Energy’s operating business. Swiss Alps Mining & Energy connects offers environmentally friendly mining facilities in unused buildings in the Swiss alps(SAM), powered by renewable energy only.                 #Mining

OKM Token


Ended-Sep 10, 2018   Rating-4.8/10 OKMcoin(OKMC) is an ERC20 token which represents the right to purchase / trade Cryptocurrency Transaction Processing Capacity (Hardware) and Cryptocurrency Transaction Processing Ability (Software).            #Mining          #Services



Ended-July 03, 2018  Rating-8.4/10 WHALESBURG(WBT) mining platform is a software bundle for cryptocurrency miners.Our software has three primary goals: simplify the setup of your mining operation; increase your yield; offer you the best time-saving mining tools.                         #Mining



Ended-Jun 27, 2018  Rating-5.7/10 MINE(MINE) is a project dependent on the raise of the capital generated from ICO, and then using that fund, an enormous mining farm will be built.                  #Mining