What is ICO

ICO is the abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering. It is commonly known by the name of ICO. It is defined as the medium of the fundraising mechanism where some new projects are selling their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoin , ether or/and other crypto. It is much similar in concepts of the Initial Public Offering (IPO)in which investors purchase shares of a company.


More about ICO:

           ICOs are much relatively taken as the new concept that is now becoming a significant topic to discuss in the blockchain community. So many are viewing ICOs as the medium of an unregulated set of securities that would be letting the founders rise up unjustified amount of capital! While many are arguing it as a set of innovation in the traditional venture-funding model.


ICOs are stated to be much easy to start because of ready made solutions that are readily available . This brings so much of help into the development process which is essential to create a new cryptographic asset. Most ICOs often work away by asking the investors to send funds that are usually bitcoin , ether or/and other crypto.


Are ICOs considered to be Legal?


              Many users want to know that whether ICO is considered to be legal or not. The simple answer is “MAYBE.”

ICO is banned somewhere , is legal somewhere and position is unclear elsewhere. That’s why you need to Know status of local laws before investing in ICO.

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