About -icomuch.com

Icomuch.com is an Independent ICO rating listing site with no Affiliation with any ICO or related ICO Platforms. Seeing the risky nature of  ICO investments and associated high chances of failures, loss of investment of an investor , ICOMUCH.COM is a effort toward providing a informed approach of an ICO under different heads related with ICO.

At Icomuch.com we focus primarily on viability of an ICO and providing information that may help an ICO investor to understand if an ICO is worth invetment or they need to take a pause and gather more confidence before they can invest in it. However our rating should not only be taking into consideration for investing , An investor needs to Cautiously Read The Whitepaper and do his/her own Research before Investing.

At Icomuch.com Ratings provided are to help a investor decide, who untimately has to decide by their own Intellect ,Rating at IComuch.com are Sectored into different heads and than Their Combined Average is displayed as Final Rating. To Read more on Rating Read Rating Policy .

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