Rating Policy


Ratings of an ICO at ICOMUCH.COM are provided independently on basis of ICO’s Related aspects under sectored heads.

There are 5 Heads under which Rating is Provided they are as follow-

  • 1.Concept,Applications- It is based on what is the concept of an ICO and what are future applications for it, since both are interrelated to a much extent both are merged into one Head. Even when a concept is good but it has Less applicability Investing in such a project would not be advised, More Applicability means more survivability of an ICO and better rating.
  • 2.Field of Work- Its based on Touching Aspect of ICO with Reality, Real world applications are essential for an ICO to survive and that is Rated in this. The More Close to, Day to Day Human Life work an ICO’s field of work exists the more Rated it is Field of work decides how much connected that certain field of work is to Reality Aspect or how much Theoretical Demand it is expected to have.
  • 3.Deploy plan-Purely relies on Deployment Plan of ICO, Certain Dates/Months.Timeframe in a deploy Plan means that there is some certainty of start of operations or that Team has an idea what they can achieve and by how. A structured Deploy Plan is Rated higher than a loose one. The more near the date of operation is The higher rating is provided, to differentiate it from others. After all investors want a working model and return as soon as possible.
  • 4.Team,Popularity-Since both are related to the social impact they are headed as one. A better, Broad, Experienced, Related Team is Far better than a group of newbies and that For_Show_Advisors(Advisors/team members who are hired to built numbers) cannot replace an expert advisor and that’s whats Rated in this along with Popularity of an ICO under which Promotion, Social media presence, Ratings from other ICO listing Sites are also taken into consideration, so that our ratings may also include views of others to a small extent. Team members being expert or genuinely connected while gives a higher ranking, Forshow or fake advisors put it down so it is suggested that ICO don’t list them on Team just to built numbers.
  • 5.Intelligent Rating-Is our benchmark rating after analyzing everything related to existing Competition, viability etc, It’s an Important Rating as if we were to invest we will choose it to be our guiding rating.

The final rating is average of all these.


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