Excalibur OS

Starts- Sept 09,2019  Ratings-6/10 Excalibur(XOS) OS is our dream project to gain adoption of 3.5 billion pc users which are increasing day by day, by our unique idea of having various platforms at one place. This Operating System allows you to run different software application extensions at the same time, the system is being built […]



Ended-July 31, 2018  Rating-4.1/10 Ivyn(IVYN) Software Suite is a set of products, made up of several software modules, included for free, that provide powerful business tools, capable of creating an extended network of users and services.            #Software



Ended-Jun 1, 2018  Rating-7.8/10 The Cardstack(CARD) Foundation Platform is a non-profit foundation based in the Canton of Zug, Switzerland. Its goal is to promote and develop the Cardstack (CARD)software, architecture, protocol, and applications.               #Software