Ended-Jan 28, 2019 Rating-8.1/10 botXcoin(BOTX) is a platform for the future token that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). In the very short time botXcoin(BOTX)project will release a trading robot application (BOTX App) that can be utilized in major cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world.            Forum Link            […]



Ended-Jun 26, 2018  Rating-6.5/10 Modern Sports Chain(MSC) an encrypted token issued by MPS Foundation. It is used for copyright trading, streaming media playing, advertising, etc. Total issuance of MSC(MSC) tokens will be limited at 8 billion, and there will be no additional issuance.           #Marketing/Advert              #Trading and […]



Ended-Jun 08, 2018  Rating-8.2/10 Fox Trading(FOXT) platform is a multi device platform that provides high accuracy signals and autotrade services for Forex and Cryptocurrency.After years working on our first project, Fox Binary Signals, we finally decided to expand our service to offer Forex and Cryptocurrencies trading.                 #Services



Ended-May 30, 2018  Rating-8.3/10 HybridBlock(HYB) wants to provide solutions of blockchain in economy, from banking to trading. HybridBlock (HYC) is building an ecosystem that seeks to bring 100 million new people into the blockchain network over the next three years.               #Trading and Exchange