Crypto bearish

How Crypto bearish period is real bad for ICOs?

Significantly, though there was a boom in the crypto market in 2017, now cryptocurrencies are going down day by day. That is a potential risk factor for future investors.   ICO or Initial Coin Offerings is a seen as not the real deal for the real-world investment. Since the price is going down for all […]

Why ventures are preferring ICO over IPO?

ICO and IPO are two medium to raise Funds from general public or crowd. Both of these medium of crowd funding platforms are of high importance and ventures are considering both of them. Crowdfunding in ICO is done through creation and sale of a digital coin or token to fund project development. On the contrary, […]


What is ICO

ICO is the abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering. It is commonly known by the name of ICO. It is defined as the medium of the fundraising mechanism where some new projects are selling their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoin , ether or/and other crypto. It is much similar in concepts of the Initial […]