Brain Space

Brain Space

Ended-Feb 20, 2019 Rating-7.8/10 An infrastructure that will become a strong foundation for the intellectual property market in the world, as well as reduce the process of identifying and developing the potential of authors to the level of access to the international arena at times”: the Brain Space(IMP) team works to solve this task, because […]



Ended-Nov 01, 2018  Rating-7.3/10 ZEON(ZNC) Network is a decentralized platform for secure purchase in all areas of the new crypto-economy. The ZNC token is the most effective tool for fast, profitable and anonymous payment transactions.Platform is designed to scale in transaction rates to 100,000 tps (sharding) and to implement the safe participation in other projects, […]



Ended-Oct 30, 2018 Rating-6.8/10 Soundeon(SOUNDEON) is a pioneering decentralized and vertically integrated music platform that covers all aspects of the music industry. From the creation and copyright of a work to the contractual resale of both existing and future music assets, to concert organization and ticket sales.                 […]



Ended-Oct 01, 2018  Rating-7.5/10 Gamblica(GMBC) platform will be offering wide range of gambling activities: roulette and slot machines, poker room, sports betting – all of it running on completely transparent and secure smart contract system. The main advantage of our casino is the transparency of random number generation system, which can assure players of the […]

AI Crypto


Ended-Sep 30, 2018 Rating-7.2/10 AI Crypto(AIC)is developing an AI ecosystem based on blockchain. Our primary goal is to make AI researches easier and cheaper to conduct. We expect AI researchers and data providers to be more connected on a global basis with our platform, resulting in a huge AI revolution.           […]

Fenix Cash


Ended-Jun 30, 2018  Rating-7/10 FENIX.CASH(FENIX) is the platform by which artists can interact directly with their fans underpinned by a new cryptocurrency. It doesn’t seek to replace an artist’s existing interactions, whether through social media or distribution of their music on streaming platforms .                   #Platforms


Ended-Jun 30, 2018  Rating-8.8/10 CHERR.IO(CHR) is a blockchain solution for charitable donations, aiming to open new horizons for the way charitable, humanitarian and socially responsible organizations operate.                      #Charity            #Platforms

Blue Whale


Ended-Jun 30, 2018  Rating-7.2/10 The decentralized ecosystem for the self employed-Blue Whale(BWX) will empower the world’s freelance community by creating the largest worker-centric decentralized ecosystem where independent workers can pursue their passions and get the value they deserve from the gig economy.                       #Platforms



Ended-Jun 29, 2018  Rating-7.3/10 With Essentia(ESS)we build and offer a complete modular framework at the user’s fingertips. The framework empowers the users with the full control and ownership over their data, IDs, information, privacy and assets. The Essentia(ESS) framework, which also works as a decentralized Operating System, can be used indifferently by humans, machines, IoT […]



Ended-May 30, 2018  Rating-7.3/10 “This project cooperating with Egretia(EGT) Technology, a globally well-known HTML5 technology service provider, set up EgretiaBlockchain Lab, combining blockchain with HTML5 technology to create the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform, aiming for applying blockchain to vertical industries. Bringing Egret Technology’s existing 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile terminal devices […]