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ZEON(ZNC) Network is a decentralized platform for secure purchase in all areas of the new crypto-economy. The ZNC token is the most effective tool for fast, profitable and anonymous payment transactions.Platform is designed to scale in transaction rates to 100,000 tps (sharding) and to implement the safe participation in other projects, DApps. 

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Updated ICo end date from 1/10/2018 to 1/11/2018.

Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICOZEONToken–ZNC
Field of workPlatform(crypto solution)Mainsale-Completed
countrySwitzerlandsoftcap2 000 000 USD
Pre-sale -Completedhardcap15 000 000 USD
Start-end08/06/18-08/07/18Total /max30 000 000 000 ZNC
Sale start08 June 2018Price usd-1 ZNC = 0.0005 USD
Sale ends01 Nov 2018(prev. 01/10/18)Curr AcceptedETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, EOS, XMR, DASH, MIOTA,USD
PlatformblockchainEth=/ethAppx. 440,000 ZNC
TypeERC20Btc=/btcAppx. 12.8Mil. ZNC
Algorithm usedNAMin buy1$
KYC/WhitelistKYCToken Sale50%
Blockchain usedYesBonusesNA
Nosale countryUSA
Social details - fb twitter github medium telegramWhitepaper Download Link
One Pager Download Link
Competition already existing - NYA
Uniqueness than competitors- High Speed,Anti Scam
Unique selling point if any -Safety against Scam
Detailed intro of ICO

This may happen to everyone. These are our stories.
Story 1 - “Cryptsy exchange was hacked and I lost all my money approximately 4.62 BTC.”
Story 2 -“MTGox was fallen down and all the money of my friend was disappeared.”
Story 3 - “Kraken declined their service and I could not negotiate.”
Story 4 - “All my stops loss were approved on black monday 15/01 and I have a huge minus now.”
Story 5 - “I lost my password on Bittrex and I have one hundred of emails with their support. It is very nervous."
We created ZEON to be a non-profit organization to change the situation. Millions of users need a new universal, reliable and secure cryptocurrency, which will allow purchase steadily and profitably in high-tech projects.
Traders need a universal cryptocurrency, which will safely and effectively implement transactions on the world's crypto-exchange markets. Moreover, it must have high liquidity in trade operations, high speed and provide insurance in the event of a hack.
ZEON Network is a decentralized platform for secure purchase in all areas of the new crypto-economy. The ZNC token is the most effective tool for fast, profitable and anonymous payment transactions.
ZEON Mission
We promote the creation of a new global financial system and develop it for the common good of the community. We as a public organization solve the main problems, such as: high-risk ICO primary coin market, expensive cryptocurrency transactions, weak liquidity on the selected exchanges and theft of the user capital on these exchanges through hacking.
We carry out a mass adaptation of the cryptocurrency for regular users, give them complete anonymity as participants, anonymity of their payments and wallets the security of any purchases, the possibility of earning with participation in the consensus: PoS 3.0 (Masternodes Erebus and stacking).
The transition of traditional currencies to digital currencies is inevitable and it will become the world's largest state transfer. Along with the desire of people to purchase safely - the ZEON project is already gaining popularity in social media.

Concept of project,tech documentation.
  • Social media,bounty,airdrop.
  • The biggest Europe Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference.
  • White Paper &One page 1.0 Release.
  • Commence Dashboard development.
  • Attendance at 2 crypto/blockchain conferences.
  • Official website www.zeon.network.
  • ICO alerts and trackers.
  • ETH Smart contract release.
  • Tokenholders dashboard.
  • Pre-ICO (~2 000 000 USD).
  • Team Account for ZEON developers on Github.
  • Listings on exchanges.
  • Commence ZEON Mobile Wallet development.
  • Commence Erebus Masternodes Development.
  • Commence ZEON Desktop Wallets.
  • Commence ATLAS Development.
  • Whitepaper Update 1.01.
  • ICO (~15 000 000 USD).
  • New team members,New advisors.
  • Development of PoS 3.0.
  • Release of Erebus Masternodes.
  • Release ZEON Desktop Wallets.
  • Increase the number of nodes on the network.
  • New website, rebranding.
  • New GUI interface design.
  • Commence ZEON Mediator development.
  • Commence ZNCx - full anonymity.
  • Release of ZEON Mobile Wallets: priority of iOS and Android Wallet development.
  • Payment gateway Integration.
  • Release Linux Wallet.
  • Commence online merchant payment API/Gateway development.
  • Tor integrated wallets :Use TOR/I2P networks to boost privacy features.
  • Release ZEON Mediator.
  • U2F integration.
  • ZNC cards by VISA.
  • Releace ZNCx anonymous staking.
  • Ledger Hardware Wallet Masternode Collateral Support.
  • I2P Network integration.
  • Dandelion Protocol integration.
  • Fully decentralized and anonymous exchange for ZNCx.
  • New insurance services.
  • Scaling in transaction rates.

Igor Podymenko

Kirill Levin
Technology &

Mike Nguen
of blockchain

Roma Senishin
Media & Community

Marcel Arsenault

Chinka Gupta

Bauirjan Jaksimuratov
community & media

Donald Fiander
Dal University,
& Analytics

Igor Shevkoplias
Affiliate marketing

Vera Efremova
Public relations

Igor Mykhailenko
Graphic designer

Jermaine R John
& Media, London

Larry Cameron
Founder of Quantus,
WorldWiFi advisor

Vernon Wilkes
Insurance specialist.
Socrates Insurance,UK

David Carter
Insurance executive.
The Hartford,USA

Herman Vissia
Legal Advisor. ByeleX

Dave Metcalfe
VP of TravNow.
Blockchain expert




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