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Тhe WINBIX(WBX) marketplace aims to create a new channel for sales, allowing participants to sell goods at bid prices at any moment.The system used the reversed auction model. The price of the goods decreases until one of the participants stops the auction. The first buyer who stops the auction, wins.

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Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICOwinbixToken –WBX
Field of workSales System
CountryEstoniaSoftcap6 250 000 WBX(Pre ICO)
31 250 000WBX(ICO)
Pre-sale -CompletedHardcap25 000 000 WBX(Pre ICO)
125 000 000 WBX(ICO)
Start-end24 April, 19 To 22 June, 19Total /max182,500,000 WBX
Sale startJuly 2020Curr AcceptedETH
Sale endsSept 2020Price ETH-1 WBX= 0.00055 ETH
PlatformEthereumToken/eth1818 WBX
TypeERC 20Token/btc102400 WBX
MVP/DemoYesMin buyNA
KYC/WhitelistNAToken Sale %82%

Funds Distribution-
Marketing costs for the trading platform promotion, including abroad the Russian Federation-60%
Operating costs associated with maintenance of the trading platform activity-10%
Funding of the trading platform follow-up-5%
Marketing researches-3%
Legal support of the works-2%

Compensation for the loss of a part of funding, if some participants withdraw from the Project (generated out of TAP). If, upon the finish, funding any unused balance is formed under the DAICO smart contract, such balance shall be used to cover “marketing costs associated with the trading platform promotion, including abroad the Russian Federation”-18%

Social Details-
Nosale countryUSAWhitepaper Download Link
Eng Russian
Competition already existing - Sales Platform
Uniqueness than competitors - Reverse Bidding Mechanism
Unique selling point if any - Token Buyback
Detailed intro of ICO

The WINBIX(WBX) System is designed to create a new sales channel that would make it possible for the Seller to sell the products with maximum efficiency and for the Buyer to buy for a reasonable price.

The System operation is based on the Dutch Auction principle, i. e. constant reduction in the product price until the products are sold or until the stop price level is achieved.

The Company is mainly focused on providing intermediary services for the sale of products by auctions on the e-trading platform

Commission fees are charged for the services. Further, the Company plans to monetize the Buyers’ interest to each price reduction event through advertising. An increased number of product views are expected before purchase, as compared to traditional online stores, enabling the advertisers to increase the number of contacts with “hot” target audience.

The target Project audience shall include

Small and medium intermediaries / manufacturers who cannot afford to bear the costs of organizing and maintaining online sales. Further, the marketplace will be useful for companies wishing to occupy a niche among customers with a limited income level (target audience of bulletin boards, joint purchases).

People with average and below average income having to combine an acceptable consumption level and limited financial resources. The audience ready for time-consuming costs in exchange for the option of obtaining a satisfactory price offer.

Idea stage
development of the algorithm for the auction
team building, budget planning
development and testing of the website, trading platform, payments system and other components of the WINBIX project
marketing research and search for suppliers
preparation for the PreDAICO
fine tuning of the trading platform, search for sellers
launch of the marketplace in Russia
launch of the marketplace in Southeast Asia
start of operations in the USA and EU

Generalov Alexey
Chief Executive Officer

Krasnianskii Evgenii
Chief Marketing Officer

Li Roman

Volkov Konstantin
Chief Technical Officer

Vinogradov Stanislav
Lead Developer

Dezhurko Mikhail
Fullstack Web Developer
Smart Contract Developer

Nikonova Olesya
Marketing Specialist

Morozova Olga
PR Specialist


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