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The AMACOIN(AMA) is a new cryptocurrency for sustainable initiatives and biological assets. The AMACOIN(AMA) is an integral part of the platform of Empresa Brasileira de Conservacao de Florestas (EBCF) – the custodian of a mosaic of private conservation units focused on the Amazon rainforest conservation.

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Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICOAmazonians GREEN COIN Token –AMA
Field of workEcosystem/ForestryMainsale-Live
CountrySwitzerlandSoftcapNo info
Pre-sale -CompletedHardcapNo Info
Start-end01-Dec- 2019 To 31-Jan-2020Total /max88,000,000,000 AMA
Sale startFebruary 1, 2020Curr AcceptedETH, BTC & FIAT
Sale ends April 30, 2020.Price USD-10 AMA = 0,077USD
PlatformEthereumToken/ethAppx 19326 AMA
TypeERC-1592Token/btcAppx 967144 AMA
MVP/DemoNoMin buyNA
KYC/WhitelistNoToken Sale %71%
Token Distribution-
5%- Advisers
5%- Amazon Protection Foundation
5%-Reserve for Employee Incentive
11%-Private Sale
10%-Pre-Public Sale
50%-Public Sale (Exchange Distribution)
Funds Distribution-
20%-Creation of new sustainable conservation units
15%-Social Projects
15%-Environmental Projects
15%-Climate Projects
20%-Economic products and services
15%-Conservation Units Management
Pre Sale
15%-First 4 billion AMA Coins
10%-Remaining AMA Coins
Social Details-
Nosale countryNAWhitepaper Download Link
Competition already existing - Nil
Uniqueness than competitors - NA
Unique selling point if any -NA
Detailed intro of ICO

The AMACOIN (AMACOIN) is a new cryptocurrency for sustainable initiatives and biological assets. The AMACOIN(AMA) is an integral part of the platform of Empresa Brasileira de Conservaçao de Florestas (EBCF) - the custodian of a mosaic of private conservation units focused on the Amazon rain- forest conservation.

Amacoin(AMA) is a payment token with sustainability inside. To Contribute to AMA coins is to contribute to AMA coins is to contribute in your present and With immediate liquidity in your Wallet.
• Completely Decentralized
• Based on the Ethereum Blockchain
• Easy to use ,No Experience needed
• Free Educational Program in cryptocurrencies domain
• With a real growth plan

With the launch of AMACOIN(AMA) and its underlying blockchain, EBCF will be building the solution to establish local environmental projects in the Amazon leading to effectively converting corporate social responsibility from a cost into a tradeable asset on their balance sheet. Instead of pushing a target market into doing social good by investing, AMACOIN(AMA) will allow the creation of a multi-layered, sustainable and symbiotic economy via a payment token. This ecosystem will connect people, corporations, governments, NGOs and institutions on one platform. This approach has never been attempted before.

EBCF will capture, secure, contextualize and manage data and funds to steer the activity within this new asset economy for sustainable development. It is structured as a broad-based economy with all the layers of activity and data that flows within it.

EBCF is a Group of enterprises driven by a social-environmental mission. We promote “environmental ASSETS, services and products”. We fight Climate Change, poverty and deforestation according to UN 17 SDG’s, transforming liabilities into valuable assets. We are committed to protect the planet’s biodiversity and what it represents for humanity thanks to social-environmental innovations.

Our goal is to provide payment token holders with a direct access to investment opportunities in the Amazon rainforest. They will be able to use their cryptocurrencies in a secure, efficient, and cost-effective fashion.

Creation of EBCF
EBCF is created to be the world leading enterprise in the creation & management of private reserves of sustainable development with 2 million Acres of private properties in its pipeline.
EBCF application to create its first reserves
EBCF applies to the Amazonas State Government for the creation of 4 different “Amazon Rio” private reserves, totalling 50.000 acres and benefiting 15 communities with more than 3 000 people.
EBCF receives its FIRST RPDS certification
Amazonas State Government legally grants EBCF with the title and certification of the FIRST RPDS ever created in the Amazon Rainforest history called “AMAZON RIO”.
EBCF Private Reserve management plan registration
EBCF registers its Amazon Rio Private Reserve management plan within the Amazonas State Environmental Secretary.
EBCF co-founds Amazonian Alliance
EBCF co-founds Amazonian Alliance in partnership with Citizen Group, a respected pro-social global marketing communications agency, in order to create unique private/public partnerships and bring much needed support to Amazonia and sustainable development among riverside communities.
EBCF Amazon Protection Switzerland
EBCF launches EBCF Amazon Protection Switzerland S.A. with the aim to enlarge its sales of non-timber products into the European market and bring on board new investors and advisors
Amazon Protection Foundation
EBCF creates the first Amazon Protection Foundation which is a purpose driven nonprofit organisation designed to fight Global Warming, Climate Change, Poverty and Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.
EBCF Amazonians Green Assets S.A. is created
Amazonian Green Asset SA is created in Geneva to serve as operating company and support the launch of the Amazonian Coin
Amazonians Green Coin private sale
20% discount
Amazonians Green Coin pre-ICO
15% discount for the first 4'000'000'000 Coins 10% discount on the remaining coins
Amazonians Green Coin ICO
Acquisition of new conservation units
Deployment of EBCF business plan starting with the purchase of 15’000 hectares of land to extend EBCF biodiversity protection plan

Leonardo Barrionuevo
Founder & CEO

Eduardo Covas Barrionuevo

Jerome Heelein
Swiss Administrator, Acting CTO

Edmilson Castilla
Economic Projects Management

Dr Robin Daniels
CIO, Board Member Of Amazon Protection Foundation

Robin Raj

Fernando Barrionuevo
Founder And Legal Director

Ricardo Barrionuevo
PR Department

Connie Rocha
Communication Department

Brasilio F. Machado
US Legal Advisor &
EBCF Executive Director

International Business

Heberton Henrique Dimas
Social/Environment/Climate Projects Manager

Bruno Brazil De Souza
REDD+ Projects Auditor

Vinicius Sguarezi
Communication/Filming Department

Carlinhos Brown
Brand Ambassador

Diego Martins
Communication/Filming Department

Nilton Constantino
Treasurer &Board Member
of Amazon Protection Foundation

Rohan Munasinghe
Scientific Department
(University of Moratuwa))

Joshua Rice
International Business Development

Alexandre De Boccard
Swiss Legal Advisor

Thrishantha Nanayakkara
Scientific Advisor (Imperial College UK)

Josef Strauss
International Business
Advisor (Austria)

Alex Cripchuck
International Business Advisor

Goi Mello
International Business Advisor

Wanderson Castilho
Cybersecurity Advisor

Lucas Montanini
IT Advisor

Tim Webb
UK Legal Advisor

Jonathan Martins
Financial Advisor

Fabien Gillioz
Swiss Legal Advisor



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