Ends-Dec 07, 2019 Rating-7.6/10 HYGH(HYGH) connects owners of public displays with advertisers in a-peer-to-peer fashion. The HYGH(HYGH) platform empowers everyone to become an advertiser, regardless of advertising competence or company size. Their easy to use app turns any screen into a highly flexible ad space, be it a tablet located at a convenience store checkout, a […]



Start-Nov 01, 2019 Rating-6.9/10 EndChain(ENCN) is a utility token that changes  the way logistics are handled accros industries in a cost savvy way. EndChain aims to cover each sector of the supply chain, including the second hand market. Our product will be affordable, allowing even everyday  goods to be tracked on the blockchain.     […]



Ends-Nov 14, 2019 Rating-7.6/10 Pieta(Pieta) is the world’s first blockchain project that aims to minimize the cost of cryptocurrency mining via solar farms and make it more accessible and environment-friendly. It will be done with the use of the new X20 algorithm which reduces energy consumption in blockchain mining by keeping the mining hardware cool. […]



Ends-Oct 30, 2019 Rating-8.6/10 CINEMADROM(LUT) is an  International Blockchain Network of Independent Filmmakers .The main goal is to create a new, developed, and independent system of the world film industry, in which every film will pay off, and every second will bring profit to its creators and investors.            Forum      #Data/Content  […]



Ends-Oct 20, 2019 Rating-7.6/10 Azultec(AZU) aims to help solving the energy  problem caused by high performance computing such as rendering with an innovative concept. The primary focus is an efficient,affordable and really fast rendering solution for small and  large enterprises and to make rendering at home possible. During rendering pauses mining cryptocurrencies is available to […]


Excalibur OS

Ends- TBD Rating- 6/10 Excalibur(XOS) OS is our dream project to gain adoption of 3.5 billion pc users which are increasing day by day, by our unique idea of having various platforms at one place. This Operating System allows you to run different software application extensions at the same time, the system is being built […]

conjure network CJR

Conjure Network

Ends-Sep 30, 2019 Rating-8.1/10 Conjure network(CJR) combines concepts from social media, search, and advertising with cryptocurrency to enable content creators to monetize their content. Conjure Network’s unique architecture takes a fresh approach to content discovery, fostering a creative ecosystem built around individuals and interaction.         Forum             […]

coinxes P2P crypto exchange


Ends-Sep 30, 2019  Rating-8.1/10 The Coinxes(CXG) platform is a digital exchange that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world. Unlike your average exchange, it boasts more features that bridge the gaps experienced by users registered in other exchanges.For instance, Coinxes(CXG) is fully decentralized, allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies peer-to-peer […]


Ahrvo DEEX

Ends-Sep 30, 2019 Rating-7.3/10 Ahrvo(RVO) DEEX is a peer-to-peer decentralized equity exchange that intend to enable profitable trading by using multi factor ranking systems and deep learning algorithms that create smart equity scores and price targets to streamline the trading process. Ahrvo’s(RVO) patent-protected software intends to integrate quantitative and social investing, Fostering an environment where users can […]


Ends-Aug 31, 2019 Rating-6.8/10 KryptiCoin can replace the need for Fiat Currency when buying, selling, or trading services, goods, and assets. KryptiCoin will be listed on trading platforms and allow the holder of KryptiCoin a chance to monetize or exchange KryptiCoin for other cryptocurrencies. KriptiWallet holders can simply agree to their own exchange rate, select […]



Ended-Aug 15, 2019  Rating-7.8/10 Migranet(MIG) platform intends to provide transparency, accuracy and accountability at a fraction of traditional cost. World’s first AI  blockchain migration platform. They believe everyone has the born right to choose which part of the World to call home, with full freedom, safety, and dignity.Instead, every year millions of migrants and refugees  […]


Cryptowine Exchange

Ended-Jul 31, 2019 Rating-7.9/10 The CWEX exchange aims to establish easy to access and easy to use fine wine tradingplatform. Backed up by its partner, DotChain GmbH based in Switzerland, it guarantees anonymity and security of investment by providing blockchain based ownership certification to each bottle of wine traded on the trading platform.                       Forum […]



Ended-July 31, 2019 Rating-8.1/10 FortFC(FFCT) is a liquidity provider to the cryptocurrency market that, a liquidity provider aggregates buy and sell orders simultaneously from a pool of the most popular exchanges and accumulates the necessary liquidity volume at the right time specifically for its customers.   Forum     #Platforms        #Trading and Exchange      […]


Fidelity Suite

Ends- Q3 2019   Rating-7.5/10 FidelitySuite(STK) is a platform where you can accumulate loyalty points from participating stores and hypermarkets (without the need to have multiple cards) and convert them into services or cash through the SuiteCredit (SCT) and STK token.The Suite is a platform where users can accumulate loyalty points in a single account, simplifying […]



Ended- Q2 2019 Rating-7.9/10 Vertex.Market(VTEX) is a digital asset aftermarket that allows investors to trade digital assets, such as Security and Utility tokens before they are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Vertex(VTEX) creates a secondary market that allows OTC (over the counter) peer to peer trades between institutional investors and the community. Any sort of tokenized […]


Ended-May 31, 2019 Rating-7.2/10 Dexage(DXG) is a Decentralized Exchange platform, enabling P2P  crypto to crypto exchange, crypto-fiat trading, P2P lending and chat on DAPP, using a user-centric approach where the whole platform would be driven by social web.     Forum Link      #Trading and Exchange Update-Crowd Sale extended for 90 days till 31 May 2019. […]



Ended-May 31, 2019 Rating-6.7/10 ALCEDO(ALCEDO) creates an ecosystem that implements blockchain technologies into everyday life. It makes cryptocurrencies accessible and usable for everybody around the world .  Forum Link       #Payment       #Platforms


Behaviour Exchange

Ended-May 19, 2019 Rating-8.1/10 With the help of blockchain technology and its own BEX token, Behaviour Exchange BEX will offer everything that companies and webmasters need to create better user experience for online visitors. And even more. BehaviourExchange(BEX) will offer identification of each online visitor and customization of website content in real-time to all companies […]



Ended-May 02, 2019 Rating-7.6/10 By offering cryptographic assets we raise funds for the TerraGreen(TGN) platform and renewable energy projects. TerraGreen´s(TGN) plaform is the first of its kind in the crypto industry in cutting edge of research and innovation by utilizing wastes to produce natural energy. The initial offering of TerraGreen(TGN) coins gives the public the […]



Starts-May 01, 2019  Rating-7.0/10 Goal of the Aeternum ICO is to create a platform through which every individual will be able to invest in invention idea/intellectual property rights of scientists around the world. Platform will give the opportunity to invest in some of the greatest inventions, innovations, and discoveries that in the future might just […]



Ended-May 01, 2019 Rating-6.8/10 VANM(VANM) is a local search engine for products and services that matches supply and demand for local advertisements with nearby users in real time. Blockchain technology is used to distribute advertising revenue among users.           Forum Link        #Marketing/Advert      #Platforms