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Ended-Mar 30, 2020 Rating-7.7/10

BDAM(BDAM)-British Digital Asset Management is a complete financial ecosystem providing state-of-the-art banking, trading and payment solutions on the global scale. BDAM(BDAM) aim to create an ecosystem where users can purchase, sell, trade, or spend crypto assets without having to worry about security, lack of liquidity, or hefty third party commissions.

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Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICOBDAMToken –BDAM
WEBSITEbdamcoin.comPresale-No Info of Sale
Field of workAsset ManagementMainsale-Completed
CountryHong KongSoftcap$3 million
Pre-sale -CompletedHardcap$20 million
01-Jan-20 To 10-Jan-20
15-Jan-20 To 25-Jan-20
Total /max2 billion
Sale startPublic1:Feb 01, 20
Public2:Mar 01, 20
Curr AcceptedETH
Sale endsPublic1:Feb 20, 20
Public2:Mar 30, 20
Price USD- 1 BDAM=0.05 USD
PlatformERC 20Token/ethAppx 3308 BDAM
TypeUtilityToken/btcAppx 173299 BDAM
MVP/DemoYesMin buyNA
KYC/WhitelistYesToken Sale %900 million BDAM (45%)
Token Distribution-
Team Allocation- 20%
Future Reserves -20%
Token Sale- 45%
Genesis- 10%
Partners- 3%
Bonus- 2%

Funds Distribution-
Soft Cap
Platform Development-45.75%
Development team bonus-3%
Major exchange listing 13%

Funds Distribution-
platform development-35.7%
Development team bonus-5.5%
Major exchange listing-3.8%
IEO launch2.25%
Social Details- Whitepaper Download link
Onepager Download Link
Pitch Deck
Nosale country-Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and North Korea, Yemen
Competition already existing - AMCs
Uniqueness than competitors - NA
Unique selling point if any -NA
Detailed intro of ICO

BDAM(BDAM)-British Digital Asset Management is a complete financial ecosystem providing state-of-the-art banking, trading and payment payment solutions on the global scale.

The aim is to make BDAM token the universal payment tool for people around the world. The algorithm for exchanging various crypto-currencies through the integration of BDAM Exchange.

The BDAM global marketing involves the integration of BDAM platform into a wide variety of payment services, both fiat, and crypto. Through agreements with payment networks such as Visa, Mastercard, and Union Pay, BDAM Pay will enable crypto payments across all retailers: online and offline, making it possible for crypto-users to make payments seamlessly and securely, without relying on intermediaries and banks.

At BDAM-Exchange, our mission is to develop a fully transparent, hybrid digital-asset trading platform that solves the issues faced by trader while also enabling them to use their digital assets through a dedicated payment gateway


Hybrid Architecture-It combines the best of both archiectures i.e. centralized and decentralized.
Multi-chain trading Supported-BDAMX support the issuance of digital assets based on EOS/ETH/BTC chains
Security-BDAMX guarantees safety of the user'funds. All your assets are hosted in a custodial platform that only you can access with your own private key signature.
Multi Device Support-Other than MetaMask,we have incorporated many mobile wallets and browsers such as:imToken, Trust, iBitcome, and Dapp Browser. In the near future, we will continue to include more mobile wallets to allow users to trade anywhere anytime.
Low Cost Transactions-BDAMX smart contract is heavily optimized for gas cost efficiency. It support batch processing which can significantly reduce the amortized gas cost of trade execution.
Instant Trading-Order placing, canceling, matching and executing are all instant - no waiting for blockchain confirmation. It is made possible by our Roc(Replayed-on-Chain) mechanism: trading actions are confirmed on the off-chain ledger of BDAMX at first, and then asynchronously sent to the blockchain for settlement.


BDAM Pay works as a state-of-the-art payment network serving as the bridge between the cryptocurrency world and the real world, to satisfy the demands of all sorts of users, consumers, and merchants. It provides an efficient, blockchain-based payment system without compromising security while seamlesslyconnecting Merchants, Consumers, and Developers.

Hybrid blcockain(dex) idea planning
Blockchain Development Team and Management Team Configuration
Private Fund $ 1 million
Draft white paper
  • Position white paper
  • Hybrid dex release (beta 0.1)
  • Token sale & Major exchange listing
  • Test net (beta 0.1)
  • Blockchain wallet & coin release (beta 0.1)
  • BDAM Pay release (beta 0.1)
  • Main net release (core 1.0)
  • Blockchain wallet & coin release (core 1.0)
  • BDAM Bank Established (Online Bank License)
  • AI hybrid dex (BDAMX) release (core 1.0)
  • AI Mobile Payment (BDAM Pay) release (core 1.0)
  • BDAM Pay Visa Master Card integration
Blockchain Ecosystem (dApp API/SDK).
  • AI Hybrid dex release (BDAMX-2) (core 2.0)
  • AI Mobile Payment (BDAM Pay-2) (core 2.0)
  • BDAMX BDAMPay more than 1 million(users) achieved
  • BDAMX BDAMPay more than 100 partnerships and merchants

Jaian Cuttari
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. David Meszaros
Chief Financial Officer

Naviin Kapoor
Chief Technology Evangelist

Arturas Svirskis
Head of IR

Quentin Herbrecht
Chief Marketing Officer

Muhammad Younas
Chief Content Officer

Mohamed Yonus
Sr. Blockchain

Shivam Rawat
Sr.Blockchain Developer

Smijoy Simon
Sr. Web Engineer

Sr. Web Engineer

Sateesh M
Sr. Software Engineer

Sharmila devi
Sr. Software Engineer

Kavitha Nagarajan
Project Manager

Janis Leitans
Research Analyst

Daniel Ruvins
Head of Customer Support

Alex Lim
Social Media Manager
Advisory Board

Martin Ploom
Credit & Banking Advisor

Anders Johnsson
Technical Advisor

Frederik Lund
Legal Council

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