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Ended-Mar 27, 2020 Rating-8.1/10

MyTVchain(MyTV) is the first web TV platform dedicated to sports clubs and athletes powered by blockchain  technology. MyTVchain(MyTV) allows sports clubs to create their web TV and animate their communities (fans, supporters, friends and families) while generating revenues to develop their activities.

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Basic Details-Financials-
Field of workWeb TV Platform(sports)
Pre-sale -CompletedHardcap$10,000,000
Start-endFeb 15, 2020 To Feb 28, 2020Total /max3,900,000,000
Sale start Phase 1-February 29, 2020
Phase 2-March 07, 2020
Phase 3-March 14,2020
Phase 4-March 21,2020
Curr AcceptedBTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, USD, EUR
Sale endsPhase 1-March 06, 2020
Phase 2-March 13, 2020
Phase 3-March 20, 2020
Phase 4-March 27, 2020
Price USD-1 MyTV=0.005 USD(Pre IEO)
1 MyTV=0.067 USD(IEO)
Token/ethAppx 29656 MyTV (Pre IEO)
Appx 2213 MyTV (IEO)
TypeERC 20Token/btcAppx 1692056 MyTV(Pre IEO)
Appx 126273 MyTV(IEO)
MVP/DemoYesMin buy
KYC/WhitelistYesToken Sale %523,000,000
Token Allocation-
Reward & Reserve-74%
Marketing & Commercial-15%
Token Sale-6%
Phase 1(29-Feb-20 To 06-Mar-20)=50%
Phase 2(07-Mar-20 To13-Mar-20)=40%
Phase 3(14-Mar-20 To 20-Mar-20)=30%
Phase 4(21-Mar-20 To27-Mar-20)=20%
Social Details-
Nosale countryUSAWhitepaper Download link
Lightpaper Download link
Competition already existing - Nil
Uniqueness than competitors - New Concept
Unique selling point if any -NA
Detailed intro of ICO

MyTVchain(MyTV) is the first web TV platform dedicated to sports clubs and athletes, and are now announcing the opening of the Sport En France web TV channel, The Sports Movement television. This channel was launched by the initiative of French National Olympic and Sports Committee (FNOSC), and dedicated to promoting all disciplines, all federations and their clubs.

MyTVchain(MyTV) is developing a new generation of sport video sharing platform and a new ecosystem for sport clubs. Fans have the ability to film (through mobile apps developed by MyTVchain(MyTV)), publish their videos, animate and share with social networks while earning tokens (in the form of MyTV Tokens) as a reward for themselves but also for their sports club; generating services and financing for the club and the community.

MyTVchain(MyTV) team of technology and blockchain experts are building a new model for sport clubs where video creators and viewers transact directly on the blockchain and remove the need for intermediaries such as YouTube or Facebook.

The MyTV Token is a new medium of exchange and reward for video creation, sharing and viewing within the MyTVchain community. The MyTV Token will have a large spectrum of usages by the community.

MyTVchain(MyTV) is opened to every sport associations and to any athlete. This allows them to simply create their own web TV for free and grow their audience and revenues.

MyTVchain(MyTV) provides leaders of clubs, committees, federations, athletes with digital tools to mobilize the community around their web TV to help them financially sustain their activity.

PoC validation (50k users & 500k views).
  • Extracting synthesis of PoC
  • Built biz
  • Financial Plan.
Raised $500k from investor
Start V1 development.
  • Company founded + Partnership.
  • Pre-sale
  • Marketing Campaign.
Raised $ 1.5M from Investor + My Token issued.
  • +32K Users
  • +150 Sports Clubs
  • +400K visitors/Month
V4 launch (blockchain, wallet, contribution rewards).
  • Pre IEO+IEO on exchanges
  • Listing + Master Nodes.
Contribution rewards +Marketing campaign for ASIA sports clubs
Marketing campaign for Americas +start advertising model

Xavier Gesnouin

François Le Page

Junior Bouis

Florin Novac
CTO/Blockchain Expert

Lucas Condello
Project Manager

Eric Alexandre
CEO Asia MyTVchain

Benjamin Ricard
Marketing Officer

Teodor Alexandru
Full Stack Manager / Blockchain Engineer

Andra Ioana Lazariuc
Full Stack Developer / Blockchain Engineer

Nicolas Olvera
Business development Asia at MyTVchain

Manu Tebib
Assistant Manager Project

Hervé Liberman
Regional Olympic Commitee (South of France) President

Frédéric Jouve
Former CEO Sharks Antibes

Anthony Thiodet
Sports marketing expert

Alban Villani



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