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Conjure network(CJR) combines concepts from social media, search, and advertising with cryptocurrency to enable content creators to monetize their content. Conjure Network’s unique architecture takes a fresh approach to content discovery, fostering a creative ecosystem built around individuals and interaction.

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Update1(01062019)- Presale extended till Aug 31, 2019. Mainsale starts on Sep 01,2019.

Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICOConjure.NetworkToken –CJR
Field of workContent MonetizeMainsale-Completed
CountryUSASoftcap3,000,000 USD
Pre-sale -CompletedHardcap12,000,000 USD
Start-endPrivate- Mar 01, 19 To Mar 31, 19
Public 1 -Apr 01, 19 To Apr 30, 19
Public2-May 01, 19 To Aug 31, 19
Total /max100 million CJR
Sale startICO Stage 1 -Sep 01, 2019
ICO Stage 2-Sep 09, 2019
Curr AcceptedBTC, ETH, LTC, NEO
Sale endsICO Stage 1 -Sep 08, 2019
ICO Stage 2-Sep 30, 2019
Price USD-PreICO 1 CJR = 0.05 USD
ICO_1 CJR = 0.1 USD
PlatformNEOToken/ethPre ICO- Appx 2720 CJR
ICO -Appx 1360 CJR
TypeNEO based tokenToken/btcPre ICO -Appx 67036 CJR
ICO-Appx 33518 CJR
MVP/DemoNoMin buyNA
KYC/WhitelistKYC+WhitelistToken Sale %70%
Token Distribution-
Business Development & Rewards- 20%
Founders & Advisors- 10%
Private Pre-Sale- 10%
Pre-Sale I- 10%
Pre-Sale II- 10%
Main Sale I- 20%
Main Sale II- 20%
Funds Distribution-
Development and employment costs-50%
Marketing, Expansion get new users on board,supporting third party-30%
contingency and infrastructure-15%
Legal Support-5%
Private Presale-50%
Public Presale 1-45%
Public Presale 2-40%
Social Details-
Nosale countrySingapore, North Korea, China, Iraq, Iran, SyriaWhitepaper Download link
Lightpaper Download link
Competition already existing - Youtube, other video platform
Uniqueness than competitors - Community involvement
Unique selling point if any -Nil
Detailed intro of ICO

Conjure is an incentivized, decentralized content platform, which enables users to be rewarded with cryptocurrency. Conjure combines concepts from social media, search, and advertising with a cryptocurrency to enable content creators to monetize their content. Using the NEO blockchain to decentralize creative content monetization, Conjure will create new search and advertising economies for our users, content creators, and partners.
The current climate of the creative Internet is skewed in favor of gigantic tech corporations, most notably YouTube and parent company Google Inc. These companies have complete control on the monetization of creative content and subject matter on their platforms. Content creators, who largely ignited the growth of these platforms, have voiced their concerns regarding unstable advertisement revenue, mass demonetization of content, and the general direction of the platform - only to receive silence in response. Despite the media market trending away from TV networks and toward authentic, online video platforms, YouTube management appears to be rebranding the platform as a "New TV" service to compete with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. In an effort to return control to the independent content creators who led the expansion of YouTube, we are building a platform that addresses all of these problems. In addition to fixing YouTube’s problems, we have developed a full litany of tools for content creators to use. With these tools and monetization power, content creators will have the ability to compete with traditional corporate media.

Start of Proof of Concept (PoC)
Conjure PoC Delivered
  • Conjure Token Sale Begins
  • February 1st Pre-Sale Begins
  • May 1st Public Sale Begins
  • Conjure Alpha Launch
  • Video, Text, Boards
  • Video and Banner Ad Monetization
  • Conjure Rewards and Content Sorting
  • Conjure Beta Launch
  • Image and Audio Content Formats
  • Audio and Sponsorship Monetization
  • Optimize Layered Aggregation Algorithms and Sorting
  • Conjure Launch
  • Full Community Mapping
  • Full Content Formats
  • Full Monetization Options
  • Expand Conjure Rewards System

Max Helsel
CEO, Co-Founder

Shane Ciccone
COO, Co-Founder

Joel Garcia

Travor House
Social & Marketing

Nick Mohan
Sales & Marketing

Michael Stein

Lydia Benham
Project Management

Andrey Romanov
Social & Community

Emmanuel Arri
Finance Advisor

Richard Nacht
Legal Advisor





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