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Leveraging Blockchain technology, Ezystayz(EZT) reshapes the way holiday rental should be organized. Smart contracts supports full automation of bureaucratic procedures while decentralization makes it possible to change the logic behind rental deposits and establish the new standards to benefit all – hotels, owners, landlords, tenants and third parties.

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Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICOEzystayzToken – EZT
Field of workHospitality
CountryAustraliaSoftcap2.5 Miilion USD
Pre-sale -CompletedHardcap8.1 Million USD
Start-endEnds-14 Jan, 2020Total /max2,800,000,000 EZT
Sale startWave 1-Dec 1, 2019
Wave 2-Jan 06, 2020
Wave 3-Feb 17, 2020
Curr AcceptedUSD, ETH, BTC
Sale endsWave 1-Jan 05, 2020
Wave 2-Feb 16, 2020
Wave 3-Mar 29, 2020
Price USD- 1 EZT-0.01 USD
PlatformEthereumToken/ethAppx-18979 EZT
TypeERC20Token/btcAppx-854863 EZT
MVP/DemoYesMin buy100 USD
KYC/WhitelistYesToken Sale %64%
Token Distribution-
Marketing and Sales-63%
Admin and Operations-22%
IT Development-15%
Funds Distribution-
Token Sale -64%
Reserve- 10%
Team- 6%
Wave 1-50%
Wave 2-20%
Wave 3-10%
Social Details-
Nosale countryUSA, Syrian Arab Republic ,Korea, SudanWhitepaper Download Link
Competition already existing - Hospitality Platforms, booking.com, MMT
Uniqueness than competitors - Blockchain Based
Unique selling point if any - Nil
Detailed intro of ICO

EzyStayz(EZT) is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodation properties around the world. Our aim is to give crypto holders direct access to the short and long-term vacation rental opportunities globally.

At EzyStayz(EZT) are remaking the global travel industry, one booking at a time! It want to change the way the world stays, opening up the holiday rental market to individuals across the globe and providing travellers with unique, one-of-a-kind places to call ‘home’.

EzyStayz(EZT) is looking to leverage blockchain technology to revolutionize the booking-renting process in the 21st century. EzyStayz (EZT) is not an idea or a project-in-progress, it is an expansion on Australia’s biggest global holiday rental listing website. We strongly believe that by applying the innovative technology to an already successful holiday rental platform, we can remake short and long-term vacation rental market to be better, safer, more transparent and more affordable for all.

It already have a fully operational platform , where you can explore, host, book and rent accommodation around the world. Discover a live listing website with real-world value – a global pool of holiday properties. Because the EzyStayz(EZT) platform is live and fully operational, we are focusing our efforts on sales and marketing to further increase our user base through target advertising and global reach.

Private Investment raised of more than 1.5 million dollars EzyStayz Product Development begins.
EzyStayz launches MVP Web responsive.
EzyStayz launches Web IOS App.
EzyStayz launches Android App
  • Focus on host acquisition - 44,000 Listings in 60 countries achieved. We are add- ing 500 new listings per week, meaning a growth of host value of 50k-90k USD per month.
  • With unique we mean that these are not coming through any channel partners making them more or less exclusive on our platform
Start building EzyStayz 2.0 large focus on hotel market.
Start building EZT token, the Ezystayz token.
Launch of EZT token and wallet.
  • Release of Ezystayz channel manager open API on the blockchain enabling us to connect to massive databases of properties and hotels.
  • Partnership and integration with the 1st Channel manager giving Ezystayz access to 400.000 new properties worldwide.
Partnership and integration with the 2nd Channel manager giving Ezystayz access to 500,000 new Hotels worldwide.
Partnership and integration with the 4th Channel manager giving Ezystayz access to the biggest database of hotels in the world
Partnership and integration with the 5th Channel manager giving Ezystayz access to APIs to find and book hotels including retail and negotiated rates from over 400,000 properties around the world
  • Acceptance of the EzyStayz coin as a new form of payment making it one of the very few OTA’s accepting crypto and accessing trillions of dollars.
  • Launch of Ezystayz IEO.
  • Release of the EzyStayz Credit Card so Hosts and travellers can use their EzyStayz.
  • Tokens for payments.
Reach 4500 bookings and a net revenue of 260000 USD (before marketing cost)
  • EzyStayz will launch its property management marketplace which will help hosts management of guest arrivals, professional cleaning, around the clock assistance, cooking services and more.
  • The feature will be built on the blockchain and connect service providers & EzyStayz members with hosts requirement.
  • 76 00 00 bookings, 48M USD net revenue (before marketing cost), conversion rate increase from year one with 0.4% & average customer acquisition cost decreased with almost 30%.

James Moses
Founder & CEO

Sebastian Ashar

Sofia Sorberg
Head of Marketing &
Social Media Manager

Catherine Kuzmina
Head of Content

Nikolay Shkilev,PHD

Vladimir Niitin

Jason Hung

Anthony Abunassar

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