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Hydrostandart(HRS) is a decentralized platform to create artificial intelligence and make money from water.This platform offers to implement an innovative model of monetary circulation, which will stimulate modernization and renewal of financial, economic and technological spheres. It is based on the fact that money circulation is a “circulatory” system of the economy, so money, in addition to its nominal designation, must have the provision of marketable, easily divisible and easy-to-handle assets, due to which their internal value and resistance to changes in external economic factors are created.

Basic Details-Financials-
Field of workArtificial Intelligence & HydrogenMainsale-Active
Pre-sale NAHardcap$ 10 000 000,00
Start-endNATotal /max20,000,000 HRS
Sale startICO 1-November 15, 2019
ICO 2-November 15, 2020
ICO 3-November 15, 2021
ICO 4-November 15, 2022
Curr AcceptedETH
Sale endsICO 1-May 15, 2020
ICO 2-May 15, 2021
ICO 3-May 15, 2022
ICO 4-May 15, 2023
Price USD-1 НRS = 0.5 USD
PlatformEthereumToken/ethAppx 350 HRS
TypeERC 20Token/btcAppx 18668 HRS
MVP/DemoNAMin buyNA
KYC/WhitelistKYCToken Sale %86,975%
Token Distribution-
Airdrop- 0,025%
Funds Distribution-
To developers-10%
For marketing-30%
To developers of data management
& analysis web service-15%
For development of platform's
artificial intelligence-10%
To employees payment fund-15%
For juridical adaptation-5%
For administrative & operating expenses-15%
Social Details-
Nosale country-NAWhitepapers Download link
Eng Russian Chinese
Competition already existing - Nil
Uniqueness than competitors - New Concept
Unique selling point if any -NA
Detailed intro of ICO

Hydrostandart(HRS) is a decentralized platform to create artificial intelligence and make money from water. Hydrostandart(HRS) civilization is now on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution, which will be characterized by a combination of technologies that erases the boundaries between the physical, digital and biological spheres. With the change of the economy's format, the financial system's format will definitely change too.

The theory of the hydrogen money standard is a scientific and theoretical basis for digital ecosystem creation based on artificial intelligence and energy standards. The hydrogen money standard is a metric system for measuring digital money using the physical parameters of hydrogen. Hydrogen money is the main storage of digital currencies value, having a two-level real supply of digital assets and hydrogen energy.

How you can earn:
• buy-sell HRS
• digitization of material and non-material objects
• creation and training of artificial intelligence
• investment in the development of hydrogen energy
• production of hydrogen assets

The purpose of Hydrostandart.io project:

• To create a decentralized ecosystem for direct interaction of any digital and tangible assets.
• To launch the operation of an open decentralized network of hubs for distributed storage of hydrogen energy with management based on artificial intelligence responsible for accounting for the issuance, reception and uniform distribution of the network.
• To create a system for maintaining the test network's balance in the main issues of energy turnover: To whom? How much? At what price? For what purpose? From whom? How much? From what? At what price? List of links to other hubs and their meanings? Their current volume? Needs / Opportunities? Behavior?;
• To develop modules for recording, analysis and management of energy and energy exchange .
• To run modules for recording, analysis and management of data placed in open public form in Ethereum and web. To spend ETN received from the purchasers of token hours only for the project's purposes, it is planned to publish a smart contract for any expenditure with an assessment of hour energy consumption, making a deposit in Et, binding the address of the open result publication, the payment's splitting and the auditor of a customer initiating the payment. The preliminary interface is published in the "Development" section.


Project's start.
The launch «full node» Ethereum IP:
Publication of HRS token.
Publication of Hydrostandart.io platform on IP:
Start date ICO 1.
Completion date ICO 1.
Listing start date/ on HRS token exchanges.
Creation of digital personality and accounting system with artificial intelligence.
Start of ICO 2 date.
Completion of ICO 2.
  • Objective content of digital personality.
  • Training and improvement of the accounting system and artificial intelligence.
Start of ICO 3.
Completion of ICO 3
  • Full capitalization of digital personality, accounting systems and artificial intelligence.
  • Start of ICO 4 date.
Completion of ICO 4.
Creation of a test network of interconnected storage and energy exchange hubs with the calculation in HRS tokens based on recharging of mobile and stationary cells with high density hydrogen and the possibility of inertial maintenance of the system's energy balance.

Yaroslav Anishchenko
CEO, Product Engineer,
Blockchain Developer

Artem Oborotnev

Denis Perepelitsyn
Senior Developer

Alena Narinyani
Marketing Manager /
Marketing Adviser

katerina Malkova
Head of SMM

Alexander Vilganov
Account Manager

Naveen Kapoor




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