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Ended-Mar 04, 2019 Rating-7.5/10

Because the future lies in the convergence of services, Winnest(WNC) offers you all the benefits of tomorrow’s market today. Social marketplace, Winnest(WNC) offers a global marketplace supported by a social economy that allows everyone to be rewarded for his contributions and have his visibility increased.

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Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICOWinnestToken –WNC
WEBSITEwinnest.ioPresale-No Info Of Sale
Field of workMarketplaceMainsale-Completed
Pre-sale -CompletedHardcap$20,500,000
Start-end2018-10-15 - 2018-11-12Total /max10,000,000,000 WNC
Sale startNovember 15, 2018Curr AcceptedBTC, LTC, ETH, Fiat
Sale endsMarch 04, 2019Price USD-1 WNC = 0.005 USD
PlatformEthereumToken/ethAppx. 32,000 WNC
TypeERC20Token/btcAppx. 920,000 WNC
MVP/DemoMVP DemoMin buy2 USD
KYC/WhitelistKYC + WhitelistToken Sale %50%
Token Distribution-
Material and servers-10%
Maintenance, research and technological evolution-10%
Platform development-20%
Funds Proceeding-
Winnest users-88%
Employement costs-10%

Social Details- 15/10 - 29/10 – 40%29/10 - 12/11 – 30%
Nosale countryAndorraWhitepaper Download Link
OnePager Download link
Competition already existing -Marketplaces(Web+Blockchain based)
Uniqueness than competitors - NA
Unique selling point if any -NA
Detailed intro of ICO

WINNEST offers a revolutionary platform at the crossroads between collaborative economy and shared advertising. Its ecosystem offers flexible solutions for consumers to access better offers and improve their buying power while interacting via a revolutionary economic dynamic based on multi-level social affiliation.

On the Winnest platform, sharing a social media post is no longer just a way to recommend to your friends a particular content, but a way to earn revenue from each of the sales made by that content. Get 10% of the price of the product sold which will instantly be credited in WNC cryptocurrency on your virtual wallet.

In the form of a social marketplace using blockchain technology, WINNEST allows users to leverage the influence from their network collaboratively to optimize sales and purchases through a revolutionary MLA system that maximizes the visibility of content and user profiles.

WINNEST makes it possible to visualize in real time interactions between users and to verify their reliability thanks to the different smart-contracts generating an E-reputation.

Market study feasibility study
Workflow project & Mokups
Entertaining business game concept
Users survey
Technical team creation
Creation of the back office and commercial team
Alpha Winnest function
Creation of the WNC cryptocurrency and its token
  • Integration of the digital wallet
  • Creation of the ERC20 digital wallet
WNC presale
Mainsale WNC
Beta A/B testing Winnest
WNC integration on the exchanges
Launch of the Winnest social marketplace

Thomas Kautzsch
Chief Executive Officer

Thibault Miglior
Chief Digital Officer

Clément Houde
Chief Technical Officer

Angelo Galuppi
Financial Architect Financial & Administrative Director

David Aragones
Chief Analytics Officer

Thomas Gedon
Chief Strategies Officer

Nicolas Brun Sourit
Scrum Master

Tidiane Coulibaly
Chief marketing officer

Anthony Fabri
Chief Product Officer

Fabio Galli
Chief Financial Officer

Lucas Buffard
Chief Development Officer

Anthony Ruffo
Chief Information Officer

Melody Abdelnour
Chief Design Officer

Vanille Abdelnour
Digital Project Lead

Mathieu Robin
Managing Editor

Émilie Catalan
Knowledge Manager

Arnaud Meyer
Events manager / President of SAS Inception Events

Alexandre Mattelon
Product Owner

Hardik Thakker
Business Consultant 
and Full-stack developer

Hardik Kansara
Senior Software Engineer

Jalpesh Rajani
Business consultant 

Richard Trummer

Timo Trippler
Investment Manager

Carlo Buonpane
ICO Advisor & Expert

Aamir Shahzad
Blockchain / ICO Advisor

Alecos Colombo
Strategy and Operations

Mauro Andriotto
ICO/STO Adviso




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