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Toyken is B.A. Toys branded cryptocurrency for toys & collectibles. B. A. toys intends to make purchase on their site possible by this token.  They will convert said products from US Dollar sales to Toyken sales. Once an item requires Toyken, it will never be for sale in US Dollars, on their website, As a long-term goal, Toyken will appear on other exchanges as Toyken demand grows.

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Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICOToykenToken –Toyken
Field of workToys Mainsale-Completed
Pre-sale -CompletedHardcap3500000 USD
Start-endMay 04, 2019 To May 31, 2019 Total /max100000000
Sale startJune 01, 2019 Curr AcceptedWAVES, BTC, ETH
Sale endsJune 18, 2019Price USD-1 Toyken = 0.06 USD
PlatformWavesToken/ethAppx-4082 toyken
TypeUtilityToken/btcAppx-132641 toyken
MVP/DemoYesMin buyNA
KYC/WhitelistKYC Token Sale %85250000
Token Distribution-
Public Sale 85.25%
Marketing 8.75%
Team 4%
General Fund 2%
Social Details-
Nosale countryNAWhitepaper Download link
Competition already existing - Several Platforms
Uniqueness than competitors - NA
Unique selling point if any -NA
Detailed intro of ICO

B.A. Toys set a brisk pace of expansion. From 0 to $300,000USD annual revenue in 5 years’ time. Before we go into that though, here's the real story of how B.A. Toys started. This story has never been shared online, until now. The owner of B.A. Toys is a private person and not one for attention. The story, though long, is followed up by our philosophies, methods, and realistic future feature developments to our already working platform, rather than over-the-top technological theories.

Ever heard one of those cliche stories about businesses starting from a hobby That's literally how B.A. Toys came into existence. In 2009, Jeremy Buse was laid off from his regular construction job as a heavy equipment operator due to the 2009 housing bubble in the USA. In the aftermath of the housing bubble crash, he faced losing his job, main residence and two other houses. After going nearly a year with no work, he was reduced to near nothing. In 2010, with the construction job market being in shambles and nothing on the horizon, he decided to try selling some of his collectibles online.

After selling several collectibles on eBay, he decided that his lifelong hobby of collecting toys, figures, sports cards, you-name-it, would be a catalyst for him to start a toy website and at least give it a try. After thinking about it, nervously, for TWO whole days(lol), he decided he would have a go at it. He would try to bootstrap a startup and pray that it might meet even marginal success. He paid $19.99 for web-hosting and proceeded "trying" to learn how to code and publish a website, himself.

  • Upgrade Website to include internal/external functions of Toyken including but not limited to: website upgrade/development, interactive product enhancements displaying Toyken requirements, live time Toyken prices on said designated items, and interactive charting of historical prices for all items on our website.
  • Additionally upgrade our affiliate program, rewards program and loyalty program to be powered by Toyken.
  • Broaden and expand B.A. Toys offerings to include new wholesale accounts that offer even more appreciating collectible items.
  • This will further enhance the demand for Toyken.
  • Popular manufacturer and distributor product lines and placements can take anywhere from 3 months to 18 months setup prior to new product releases.
  • We will have many new lines in place for Christmas 2019.
  • Develop B.A. Toys Marketplace, a 3rd party sales platform for Toys & Collectibles only.
  • B.A. Toys will provide guidance and wholesale opportunities to qualified Toy retailers through the B.A. Toys Power Membership powered by Toyken.
  • Sellers on our 3rd party marketplace must designate a certain percentage of the total number of collectible items they have for sale on said marketplace to be traded in Toyken(likely 5% at minimum).
  • This means if a seller has 300 items for sale on said marketplace, 15 of them will be traded only for Toyken. will do the conversions for them, they will just need to set their wallet id and specify said products through a product-feed-file or by clicking a button if they are small sellers that create products one at a time.

Jeremy Buse
B.A. Toys Founder Toyken Project Lead

Frank Melson
Public Relations, Sponsorships, Team Events

Stanley Schmidt
Diversity Leader, Sassy Social Media Hammer

Andrey Sergeenkov











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