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GIG9(GIG)World’s First Blockchain-Based Skill Sharing Platform Empowering Local Communities. It allows buyer and seller to interact in a trustless manner and ensure fulfillment for both parties which is a paradigm shift for the service industry.

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Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICOGIG9Tokens –GIG
WEBSITEgig9.iopresale-No Info of Sale
Field of workFreelance platformMainsale-Live- Phase3
countryUKsoftcap3 000 ETH
Pre-sale -Completedhardcap37 000 ETH
Start-end2018-05-01 - 2018-05-31Total /max268,000,000 9COIN
Sale startJune 01, 2018Price usd-Appx 0.0025 USD
Sale endsFebruary 19, 2019Curr AcceptedETH, BTC, LTC
PlatformEthereumEth=/eth95,000 9COIN
TypeERC223Btc=/btcAppx. 2,300,000 9COIN
Algorithm usedNAMin buy0.01 ETH
KYC/ WhitelistBothToken Sale82%
Token Distribution-
Team- 5%
Token Sale-82%
Blockchain usedYesBonusesYes
Nosale countryUSABlock 1- 36%Block 2- 30%
Block 3- 26%Block 4- 22%
Block 5- 18%Block 6- 13%
Block 7- 7%Block 8- 4%
Social details - Whitepaper Download Link
Onepager Download Link
English German Persian Italian Korean Russian Japanese Arabic Spanish French Chinese
Competition already existing - Freelancing Platforms
Uniqueness than competitors - Peer-to-Peer
Unique selling point if any - Flexible payment solutions
Detailed intro of ICO

GIG9 is investing to develop a platform based on Blockchain technology. Because this technology allows buyer and seller to interact in a trustless manner and ensure fulfillment for both parties which is a paradigm shift for the service industry. The multilayer architecture of the GIG9 platform ensures the security and reliability of its product and features.
The GIG9 Core Infrastructure leverages a range of solutions from in-house to cloud and a service provider data center to closely knit the multiple level of APIs, mapping services, temporary and permanent data storage needs and end users or business applications integrations.
Furthermore, the analytical, reporting and monitoring engines provide a range of data streams to feed into our AI component for speedy but transparent and verified provisioning of any service.

GIG9 provides

Location-based service based on provider and customer proximity
GIG9 provides a personal touch allowing jobs to get done locally
Verified transactions, payments and reviews
Automated payments without middlemen
Track service providers through GIG9’s “Provider Navigation System”
No sign up fees, membership fees or advertising costs
Escrow service powered by smart contracts
Equal opportunities irrespective of gender, age or physical ability

The Ideation
  • This marks the inception of GIG9.
  • A seed was planted deep within the mind of Misha Malik (Founder & CEO) to somehow create a platform that would change the face of the global service industry forever.
  • This was when that bloomed into something that would become a reality.
Team Development
  • After having built a solid foundation, Misha along with the trusted members of the pre-development division set forth to assemble a team of eager, talented and highly skilled individuals to complete the vision of GIG9.

ICO Preparation
  • This phase marks the period when the gears started shifting. What was once an idea was being researched, analyzed thoroughly and cautiously developed to offer a platform worthy of creating history.
ICO Phase
  • This marks the first official introduction of the GIG9 platform in the public market to allow the idea of this new venture to seep into the minds of the general public and get them interested in participating in the ICO where they can be a part of the future.
  • The total number of tokens will be capped at 268,000,000 of which 219,400,000 are to be sold.
MVP Launch
  • The fundraiser period will help us usher in this particular phase as we develop a platform to be launched during the fourth quarter of 2018.
  • This shall be open to the public as the Beta Testing Period to help us iron out any issues that may arise and also help us with any further developments or improvements to be made (excluding blockchain technology).
Token Launch in Exchanges
  • Entering the second phase of the introduction of GIG9, we shall be launching these tokens into the Exchanges to complete the bracket set for the platform’s fundraising campaign.
  • This will help us acquire the investment needed for the product launch of GIG9 and will also be pivotal in helping us circle in a pool of worthy investors.
Blockchain Development
  • During the fourth quarter of 2019, the development and implementation of blockchain technology for the GIG9 platform will be focused on to ensure service launch in 2020.
Service Launch In UK
  • Once we have overcome any beta launch issues, GIG9 shall then be officially launched in London during the first quarter of 2020 marking the official product introduction of GIG9.
Service Launch Top 20 Cities
  • We will Launch our Service in top 20 Cities Globally by 2020.
Top 50 Cities Coverage
  • Two years after the introduction of GIG9 to the general public, it is our mission and vision to ensure our indispensable presence in the top 50 cities around the world.
Global Cover
  • Similarly, we aim to be a platform that will essentially dominate the service industry in terms of the freelancing market providing a haven for consumers and service providers to directly interact with each other.

Misha Malik
Founder and CEO

Denis Muraview
Internet of Things (IOT) - Consultant

Frederik Metz
Technical & Smart Contracts

Malik Ali
Fintech Consultant

David Jaquete
Crowd Funding Consultant

Ily Maisanda
Regtech & Compliance

Sebastian Louwaege
Business Strategy

John Fisher
Chief Strategic Officer

Jimmy Lee
Blockchain Developer

Mujeeb Shariq
AI & Machine Learning

Qaisar Nawaz
Chief Information Security Officer

Erin Pacoma
Marketing & PR

Michal Zofaj
Financial Analyst

Sayf Cam
Linguistic Expert

Megi Tollumi
Digital Marketing Manager

Emmanuel Rejuso

Romano van Teijlingen
Community Manager

Maia Sidamonidze
Former Head of Georgian National Tourism Administratione

Robbert Walstra
ICO Legal Counsel

Sheikh Mohammed Irfan
Blockchain Advisor

Lavinia Ponniah
Fintech Advisor






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