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Ended-Jun 25, 2018  Rating-8.2/10

The DAV(DAV) Token allows for the creation of a new transportation ecosystem. The token will be used to enable secure transactions, establishing a global payment standard between vehicles, users, and their supporting infrastructure.


Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICODAVToken–DAV
Field of worktransportation servicesMainsale-Completed
Pre-sale -hardcap63,123ETH
Start-endTotal /max1,771,428,571 DAV
Sale startJune 11, 2018Price usd-
Sale endsJune 25, 2018Curr AcceptedETH
PlatformEthereumEth=/eth10,000 DAV
Algorithm usedMin buy0.2 ETH
Blockchain usedYesBonuses
Nosale country
Social details - Whitepaper Download Link
Competition already existing - NYA
Uniqueness than competitors - Decentralized Manned Deliveries, open-sourcing network technology
Unique selling point if any - Trustless Cooperation Tools, Innovative applications and services
Detailed intro of ICO

A cryptocurrency to fuel the next era of global transportation: Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles (DAV). DAV is a computer network that will connect self-driving vehicles (such as cars, trucks, rovers, and drones) to everyone on that network, enabling them to discover, communicate, and transact using the DAV Token. Users can pay for the use of any of those vehicles with a token to get a ride or pick up and deliver a package. People who own those vehicles or the charging stations on the network can earn tokens for the services they provide. Users can have an entire network of self-driving vehicles at their fingertips to bring them anything, or to take them anywhere, with one token. Even in today’s transportation market, and during the transitional period before autonomous transportation achieves mass adoption, the decentralized transportation network and its underlying technology can create a variety of economic opportunities such as decentralized, on demand, manned, rides and deliveries.
The DAV Token allows for the creation of this new transportation ecosystem. The token will be used to enable secure transactions, establishing a global payment standard between vehicles, users, and their supporting infrastructure. Its smart mission contracts enable trustless cooperation between multiple vehicles and their service providers. A token that’s unique to the transportation industry, and the underlying technology and protocols that operate that token, are designed to encourage a network effect that boosts the industry and all of its participants. The DAV token encourages both innovation and cooperation by incentivising participation and investment early on. Early AV owners and service providers using DAV will benefit from historically low barriers to market entry (enabled by the DAV platform), along with operational optimization. DAV tokens will be distributed as part of a DAV incentives program, which will provide bounties directly to consumers and enthusiasts in DAV cities, to autonomous transportation services, and/or to autonomous vehicle companies for purchasing services from within the transport economy, such as charging or maintenance.

DAV Founded
DAV Whitepaper Released
First code published to Github
Drone Delivery app Released
Simulated Drones Environment
  • First Community hackathon.
  • Accepted in the Swiss registry as a foundation.
  • First DAV Smart contract deployed.
  • DAV CLI and Testnet go live
  • Developed portal Launch
  • DAV Passes 100 contributors on github
  • Autonomous boat sends first Selfie
  • Testnet block Explorer
First Drone Delivery negotiated and completed autonomously
  • Network Launch
  • Drone Flight Planning service launch
  • Drone Charging service launch
  • First vehicle charging negotiated and completed autonomously
Token Sale
First Autonomous boat mission completed on the DAV network
Decentralized discovery,Decentralized Communication
Soft launch of micro-mobility app on the DAV network
Full launch of micro mobility app on the DAV network
Electric bikes added to the vehicle sharing app on the DAV network

Noam Copel
CEO and Founder

Tal Ater
CTO and Co-Founder

John Frazer
CCO and Co-Founder

Tung Chan
General Counsel

Gilad Fisher

Shahar Frank
R&D Team Leader











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