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Ended-May 19, 2018  Rating-7.6/10

DreamTeam( DTT) is the world’s first infrastructure platform and payment gateway for esports and gaming. The DreamTeam(DTT) platform is a perfect solution for the different needs of the esports industry. 


Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICODreamTeamToken–DTT
WEBSITEdreamteam.ggpresale-3,000,000 USD
Field of workGaming
softcap2,000,000 USD
Pre-sale -Completedhardcap21,000,000 USD
Start-endApril12,2018-April19,2018Total /max45,000,000
Sale startApril19, 2018Price usd-
Sale endsMay 19, 2018Curr AcceptedBTC, ETH
PlatformEthereumEth=/eth1600 DTT
Algorithm usedMin buy0.1 ETH
Blockchain usedYesBonusesDay 1-3 : 10%
Nosale countryDay 4-6 : 5%
Day 7-9 : 3%
April 12-18 : 15%
Social details - Whitepaper Download Link
Competition already existing - NYA
Uniqueness than competitors - serve to gather the entirety of esports in one place.
Unique selling point if any - monetize the esports industry and open up the esports market to millions
Detailed intro of ICO

DreamTeam is the world’s first infrastructure platform and payment gateway for esports and gaming. With the unlocking of blockchain and smart contract technologies, it becomes possible to create a one-of-a-kind platform for players, teams, tournaments, and sponsors and provide them with a multitude of tools for team management, sponsorships & media right sales, prize money payouts, and monetization options through the DreamTeam Token.
The DreamTeam platform is a perfect solution for the different needs of the esports industry. DreamTeam will offer esports player and teams recruitment and management tools for the most popular PC titles CS:GO, LoL, DOTA 2, PUBG, Overwatch and more. Amateurs and professionals can create accounts for players with rankings taken directly from their games. They can look for teammates among other players, communicate with each other, plan training sessions, and prepare for participation in events. If someone wants to make a career in esports, DreamTeam will show them a simple and straightforward way to do so. If a player wants to find new ways to succeed in the industry, find new teammates or simply get in the midst of active competitive players, DreamTeam will provide many options — training with experienced coaches, therapy with a personal psychologist, search options for potentially interesting tournaments, and much more.
DreamTeam will also let sponsors and advertisers with different needs to find teams with diverse background, either small regional or large international ones. And make sure that all of this can be done with a click of a button.

The main focus of Stage 1 is offering esports player and teams recruitment and management tools for the most popular PC titles CS:GO, LOL, DoTA 2, PUBG and Overwatch as well as reaching 2M registered users. In this period of time, DreamTeam also focuses on offering basic monetization elements: launch of the Blockchain test network with Smart Contracts support. It lets all platform users create a Test Wallet and check out how smart contracts work.

The essence of smart contracts is in allowing players to receive salaries from their teams. After the initial test, DreamTeam will launch a version with real-value DreamTeam Tokens in Q2 2018 to conduct real value operations. We will also offer other monetization options, such as Premium Accounts with loads of unique features to provide the platform’s most active users with a way of making their efforts easier and more effective.

During Stage 2, DreamTeam will pay particular attention to supporting pro teams and tournaments who are well-established leaders in the esports industry. By June 2019, DreamTeam will offer comprehensive modules for management, analytics, coaching, media, and marketing for pro-teams. DreamTeam will also add search tools for coaches, analysts, managers and top-15 games tournament lists, as well as include promo tournaments and more advanced monetization options via smart contracts -payment of tournament prize money to eliminate fraud and non-payment as well as create a transfer market that will make it easier to search and sign top talents. This will drive us to reach over 5M registered users on our platform.

The 3rd and final Stage has its focus on sponsors and advertisers that will have access to over 15M active users and 2M teams. With a worldwide reach, we will be able to offer our users all of the imaginable monetization options, analytics and research tools, and have direct contact with dozens of thousands of advertisers,sponsors and content platforms, both local and global. More smart contracts will be offered - signing sponsorships, media-rights sales and advertising contracts.

The DreamTeam Tokens’ application in smart contracts will also help boost the ecosystemand their industry-wide application will help promote the security and transparency of all esports financial activities that, in turn, will help boost the ARPU of esports to over $16 per user. This will result in the creation of dozens of thousands more local tournaments with easy access to them by interested sponsors and esports fans alike.



Volodymyr Panchenko

Mustafa Seyrek

Andriy Khavryuchenko

Sundance Digiovanni
Former CEO & Co Founder of MLG
VP Content and Media In Blizzard

Ralf Reichert

Emmanuel Aidoo
Director of Blockchain and
Cryptocurrency strategy

Salim Mitha
Partner at Evolution Media

Kenneth Hsia
Co-Founder Badwater Capital

David Waroquier
Partner at Mangrove Capital






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