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Ended-Dec 31, 2018   Rating-4/10

Dragonglass(DGS) is the world’s first gamified crypto-mining experience. Mining Dragonglass (DGS) cryptocurrency is as easy and fun as playing a mobile game. It provides user-friendly and affordable cryptocurrency mining solution to everyone.

Mining is done by Dragonglass in their farm and DGS acts as in-game token and is a form of reward only.

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Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICODragonglassToken –DGS
WEBSITEdragonglass.compresale-No Info of Sale
Field of workGamified Mining Mainsale-Completed
Pre-sale -Completedhardcap30000 ETH
Start-end2018-01-09 - 2018-02-16Total /max1,111,111,111 DGS
Sale startFebruary 16, 2018Price usd-Appx. 0.006 USD
Sale endsDecember 31, 2018Curr AcceptedETH
PlatformEthereumEth=/eth37037 DGS
TypeERC20Btc=/btcAppx 1,074,074 DGS
Algorithm usedNAMin buy0.05 ETH
KYC/ WhitelistNoneToken Sale100%
Blockchain usedYesBonusesNA
Nosale countryUSA
Social details - Whitepaper Download Link
Competition already existing - None in gaming mining, Project not actually related to Mining
Uniqueness than competitors - NA
Unique selling point if any - NA
Detailed intro of ICO

Dragonglass is the world’s first gamified crypto-mining experience. Mining Dragonglasscryptocurrency is as easy and fun as playing a mobile game. It provides user-friendly and affordable cryptocurrency mining solution to everyone. Besides being simple and engaging, Dragonglass is also powerful: by using a unique mining technology, it is thousands of times more efficient than traditional cryptocurrency mining. Dragonglass is a mineable cryptocurrency and utility token. It is an ERC-20 standard digital token based on the Ethereumblockchain. The main features of Dragonglass are its ease of use, affordability and mining efficiency.

  • Company founded
  • Smart contracts developed
  • Dragonglass application developed
  • Intellectual property registration formed
  • Pre-selection of social responsibility initiatives
  • Two independent audits of smart contracts completed
  • Dragonglass Miner game developed
  • Social responsibility strategy devised
  • Intellectual property registered
  • Token Generation Event (TGE/ICO) launched
  • Big update of Dragonglass Miner: added support of mnemonic passphrase import and ethereum account generation. Expansion of Dragonglass community
  • Collaboration with Protascenary on the new game - DragonFeed
  • Release of the first generation of Dragonglass collectible cross-game skins in Dragonglass Miner DragonFeed beta testing
  • Dragonglass Platform pre-release internal testing
  • Dragonglass Platform for game developers release
  • Beta testing and launch of Dragonfeed
  • Launch of Dragonglass Hub - brand new app for management of cross-game items with an improved wallet functionality.
  • Dragonglass Hub will enhance safeness of users’ funds and become a huge upgrade for user experience.
  • Dragonglass brand new Platform adoption by Dragonglass Miner game and release on new platforms
  • Start of the development of the third Dragonglass game
  • Upgrade of social features in Dragonglass Hub
  • Marketplace for collectible cross-game items
  • Third-party games development on Dragonglass Platform
  • Sustaining the leadership in blockchain gaming industry

Gleb Skibitsky

Lina Jasaite
Chief Operating Officer

Dmitrij Kovaliov
(.Net Developer)

Nadzeya Zamiatsina
Graphic Designer
and Illustrator

Arune Sciupokaite
Graphic Designer
and Illustrator

Dominykas Klajumas

Mantas Bartusevicius

James Scarborough
Advisor and gamification scholar

Tadas Langaitis
Advisor ,CFA

Raimonda Pilipaviciute
Advisor and
Business developer

Oleg Pridiuk
Advisor and gaming evangelist

Mart Lume









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