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Dexage(DXG) is a Decentralized Exchange platform, enabling P2P  crypto to crypto exchange, crypto-fiat trading, P2P lending and chat on DAPP, using a user-centric approach where the whole platform would be driven by social web.

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Update-Crowd Sale extended for 90 days till 31 May 2019.

Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICODexAge (DXG)
Token –DXG
WEBSITEdexage.ioPresale-500 Million DXG
Field of workDEXMainsale-Completed
CountryNigeriaSoftcap5,000,000 USD
Pre-sale -CompletedHardcap24,000,000 USD
Start-end11/30/2018 to 12/31/2018Total /max5 Billion DXG
Sale startJanuary 01,2019Curr AcceptedETH, BTC, LTC
Sale endsFebruary 28,2019 May 31, 2019Price USD-1 DXG = 0.0085 USD
PlatformEthereumToken/ethAppx. 17,650 DXG
TypeERC20Token/btcAppx. 470,500 DXG
MVP/DemoYesMin buy10$
KYC/WhitelistNoToken Sale %2.75 Billion DXG (55%)
Token Distribution-
Crowdsale Program-45%
Airdrop & Bounties-10%
Core Investors-5%
Team and Founders-15%
Funds Proceeding-
Platform Development-40%
Marketing, Branding, Education-40%
Contingency Plan-20%

Presale = 40% discount

Crowdsale tier 1 = 15% discount
Crowdsale tier 2 = 10% discount
Crowdsale tier 3 = 5% discount

Referral Bonus = 5%
Social Details-
Nosale countryCanada,USA
Whitepaper Download Link
OnePager Download link
Competition already existing -Multiple DEX and Exchanges
Uniqueness than competitors - Mobile Chat
Unique selling point if any - Social Integration
Detailed intro of ICO

DexAge is a Decentralized Exchange platform, enabling P2P crypto to crypto exchange, crypto-fiat trading, P2P lending and chat on DAPP, using a user-centric approach where the whole platform would be driven by social web.

To create a trustless, permissionless P2P crypto exchange and trading platform that is autonomously driven by a synergetic web of traders, users and investors.

DexAge strives to make our P2P platform an autonomous ecosystem where our users, traders and investors would serve as the fuel and not just as the nuts and bolts of our platform. The real growth and development of DXG lies in the empowerment of its stakeholders, which we endeavour to achieve through the multipurpose functionality of our DexAge tokens. By enabling our users to stake, vote, pay loans and manage their assets in a decentralized exchange, trading and lending marketplace, our end-game is for DXG and its stakeholders to thrive with the proliferative potential of cryptocurrencies.

Our DXG trading infrastructure is fortified by the fusion of a distributed blockchain with a decentralized social web and heralds a socio-economic paradigm shift in the current crypto trading landscape. A financial system which equips its members to manage their money at their volition without the interference of an inter-agent, is the future that DexAge envisions.

Proof of Concept
Team Formation
  • Research & Development
Dexage Platform Prototyping
  • Private sale of DXG to Core Investors
Release of DexAge MVP
  • Airdrop Campaign
DXG Pre-sale to Qualified investors
Main Crowdsale begins
  • Main Crowdsale ends
  • DXG Listing on DexAge internal market
DexAge listing on other exchanges
Release of P2P Exchange-Beta Version
Release of DXG Chat Dapp-Beta Version
Release of DexAge web P2P Exchange Trading Platform

Precious Kenneth W.
CEO & Co-Founder

Suanu Neenwi
CTO & Co-Founder

Gody Wogu
Business Director and Head of Operations, Europe.

Ukaoma Stanley
COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Kenneth Chile W.
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Zuzana Mejdrova
Chief Content Manager

Owoh Onwuchekwa Ogbuefi
Chief Strategy Analyst CSA

Bounty campaign Manager

Kingsley Okes Idisi
Legal Advisor

Sydney Ifergan
Board Advisor

Manoj Rana
Marketing Advisor

T Aravinda Babu
Blockchain Technical Adviser










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