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The World Trip Singapore(WTXT) platform is much more than a trip planning tool – it is a global ecosystem where travellers and tour guides can meet, share experience, and build itineraries together. The World Trip Singapore(WTXT) platform is where core global information can be relayed, connecting people and information, host’ s skills with guests interest and requests, thereby allowing one to experience things unknown before.

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Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICOWorld Trip SingaporeToken –WTXT
WEBSITEwtxt.ioPresale-No Info of Sale
Field of workSocial Platform(Travel)Mainsale-Upcoming
CountrySingaporeSoftcap$3,000,000 USD
Pre-sale -CompletedHardcap$15,000,000 USD
Start-endJan 01, 2019 to Feb 28, 2019Total /max100,000,000 WTXT
Sale startTBDCurr AcceptedETH, BTC
Sale endsTBDPrice USD-Appx $0.4/WTXT
PlatformEthereumToken/eth400 WTXT
TypeERC20Token/btc8,000 WTXT
MVP/DemoYesMin buy1 ETH
KYC/WhitelistKYCToken Sale %35,000,000 WTXT
Token Distribution-
Reserve Token Supply-50%
Founding Team-5%
Advisor Team-5%
Airdrop and Bounty Program-5%
Private Sale-20%
Public Crowd Sale-5%
Funds Proceeding-
Promotional expenses and operating expenses-33%
System Development Techonology cost-20%
Board Member-20%
Travel Agency M&A fee-12%
Airdrop Service-5%
Social Details-
Nosale countryUSA, China, Japan, KoreaWhitepaper Download link
Competition already existing - Not exactly of the same kind
Uniqueness than competitors - NA
Unique selling point if any - Social platform for travellers, Hosts, Guides etc
Detailed intro of ICO

In the midsts of traveling needs shifting from “the material” to “the experience” , we want to focus on the that state of growing content surrounding experiences. The way tourists look for information, on such things as services and restaurants found only in that country, and how they have fun during travel, is changing.

A growing number of people are no longer satisfied with packages tour companies offer; Japan too has websites providing experiences or concierge and consulting services.

Our plan is develop our services first in Asia, where the number of tourists are growing in recent years, then to Europe and America, expanding the WTS platform globally. Once guests use the platform, it provides a space for those guests to become local hosts.

By combining the information of what only locals know and the skills of a host and communicating it, citizens of the world will pay attention and make a reservation if compelled to participate or experience such things.

The arrangement is complete once the host guides the tourists to the local hot spots. Whether it’ s a unique plan that only local people can do, an experience that’ s been introduced on the WTS platform website, or niche activities not yet known online, WTS is a tool that offers a new dimension to travel.

One of the features of the World Trip Singapore (WTS) platform is that it allows registered hosts and guests from around the world to connect with one another through a social networking service called airChat; hosts can connect, share local information, tweet, and share photos and information. The service is a tool that can be used in many situations, creating new possibilities and evolving.

The WTS platform is where core global information can be relayed, connecting people and information, host’ s skills with guests interest and requests, thereby allowing one to experience things unknown before. Then, it is those guests who become hosts supplying information, and offering their skillset to a global audience. Together, both parties receive and return happiness while providing new information.

Established Singapore Corporation
  • White paper release
  • Private Sale Early Bird Stage Start
Presale Sale Middle Stage Start
Website development launch Supporting various languages (5)
Technology formulation begins
  • Beta version of website finished and released
  • Recruitment of guest members begins
Official Sale Final Stage
  • Launch of WTS service site
  • Implementation of blockchain protocol
OTC partnerships
Implementation of micropayments Token application
WTS app launch on iOS/Android
  • Begin service outside Singapore and Japan
  • World Public

Kazuya Aoyama

Noriaki Murosaki
CEO / Founder

Guy Tan Yong Chuan

Danushka Adikari

Jason Lam

Hong Qi Yu
IEO Advisor

Danny Teo
Legal Advisor

Tomoaki Abe
Tech Advisor

Sanem Avcil
Marketing Advisor




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World Trip Singapore

World Trip Singapore


World Trip SingaporeWorld Trip Singapore


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