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Bit World Exchange(BIW) is a blockchain based marketplace, Bit World (BIW) Coin is a ERC20 token. Bit World exchange is a cryptocurrency and CFD trading platform with unique features like semi decentralized system, full node client application, investing platform, team trading, lending and more.

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Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICOBit World ExchangeToken –BIW
WEBSITEbitw.exchangePresale-No info of Sale
Field of workCryptocurrency ExchangeMainsale-Completed 20M$
CountrySingaporeSoftcap20,000,000 USD
Pre-sale -CompletedHardcap60,000,000 USD
Start-endDec 23, 2018 To Jan 30, 2019Total /max80,000,000 BIW
Sale startRound 2-January 31, 2019
Round 3-March 01, 2019
Sale endsRound 2-February 28,2019
Round 3-March 31, 2019
Price USD-1 BIW = 0.37 USD
PlatformEthereumToken/ethAppx 317 Appx
TypeERC 20Token/btcAppx 9810 Appx
MVP/DemoYesMin buyNA
KYC/WhitelistNoToken Sale %50%
Token Distribution-
Distributed to Community & Rewards-50%
Reserved Funding & Rewards-30%
Founders and Team-9%
Developers- 8%
Funds Distribution-
Pre-sale- 30%
ICO round 1 - 20%
ICO round 2 - 10%
Social Details-
Nosale countryNilWhitepaper Download link
Competition already existing - All existing and upcoming exchanges
Uniqueness than competitors - 80% Revenue distribution as incentive
Unique selling point if any -NA
Detailed intro of ICO

BitWorld Exchange
Innovative Digital Asset Trading Platform Based on Community-based Autonomous Ecosystem.Based on the combined Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS), BitWorld completely relies on the endorsement of all its participants to build out the consensus community with the key features of distributed autonomy within its blockchain ecosystem. The key features of the autonomous system of BitWorld are summarised below:

Supernodes - Users voluntarily and independently participate in the delivery of tasks such as transaction mining, project voting, participation in the construction of the mining pool, and joint ecosystem building.

Collaborative - Users collaborate with each other to achieve value-add and common objectives. The users can set up the mining pool by themselves and work together on the building and ecological maintenance of the mining pool.

Co-operative – Users would be able to obtain economic incentives in exchange for their work: BitWorld would return 50% of user remuneration in accordance with the Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanisms. Users who participate in the management and building of the mining pool would receive greater remuneration.

Autonomous - Autonomous agents, intelligent programs, and the future enhancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI algorithms would enable BitWorld to run its strategic operations on the self-sustainable basis, eventually building out a com trusted munity-based autonomous economy with a set of open and fair rules.

Through the network structure, product logic and ecosystem consensus design, BitWorld intends to utilise the economic model and token incentive mechanism built according to the Laws of Economics and drive the momentum of autonomous economic development, hence incentivising the ecosystem participants.

Hybrid Exchange idea on CryptoWorld Capital Team
Assign the developing and advisory team from CryptoWorld Capital
Research about new features (CFDs link and decentralization)
WhitePaper and ICO website
Bit World Exchange ICO pre-sale
BIW ICO Crowdsale start
Release exchange wallet system, and start the beta version of exchange
Initial trading, lending and team investing features launch
Supernode smartcontract voting
Initiate platform transaction fee distribution for supernodes through smart contracts
Exchange public chain launch

João Miguel
Bit World Project Manager

Crypto world capital Team


Bit World exchange biw

Bit World exchange biw

Bit World exchange biw

Bit World exchange

Bit World exchangeBit World exchange     Bit World exchange

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