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Ended-Nov 15, 2018  Rating-6.9/10

MyDFS(MYDFS) is a blockchain-based daily fantasy sports solution that connects sports fans around the world with a transparent, easy-to-use, Token Holder-friendly platform.

ICO extended private Sale time 31 days more due weak response


Basic Details-Financials-
Field of workGamingMainsale-Upcoming
(Private Sale Active)
countryIsle of Mansoftcap4,000,000 USD
Pre-sale -Completedhardcap40,000,000 USD
Start-end2018-04-16 - 2018-05-07Total /max125,000,000 MYDFS
Sale startNA(October 15, 2018)Price usd-1 MYDFS = 1 USD
Sale endsNANovember 16, 2018Curr AcceptedETH, BTC, DASH, ETC, BCH, LTC
PlatformEthereumEth=/ethAppx. 220 MYDFS
TypeERC20Btc=/btcAppx. 6500 MYDFS
Algorithm usedNAMin buy0.223 ETH
KYC/ WhitelistBothToken Sale20%
Blockchain usedYesBonusesNA
Nosale countryUSA, China, SingaporeToken's Price increases Every week
Social details - Whitepaper Download Link
Competition already existing - NYA
Uniqueness than competitors - Protected stats
Unique selling point if any - Integrated Brokerage platform
Detailed intro of ICO

The online fantasy sports industry has experienced stable growth every year, topping more than $7 billion of annual revenue, generated by more than 59 million users in the US and Canada in 2017 alone. It’s not just user base that grows, but also their spend on fantasy league-related costs, single-player challenge games, and league-related materials. For example, the average fantasy player spent approximately $556 on his or her sport in 2017.

At the same time, fantasy faces a multitude of challenges that can only be overcome by chang-ing the industry itself. There are uncertain legal statuses, high marketing budgets, complicated user verifications, money withdrawal problems, and complex interfaces, just to start. The market is mainly split between two main players who pioneered the industry, DraftKings and FanDuel. Token Holders were surely appreciative when they did it, but these companies now have serious problems that include badly balanced marketing budgets, little external competition, a number of monopoly scandals, and the inability to challenge the tough laws and regulations that control the business of fantasy sports.

MyDFS doesn’t try to compete with industry leaders, but redefines the industry itself.
­- ­MyDFS adds maximum transparency by using the blockchain and smart contracts for every part of the platform, from player trades to receiving your winnings.
­- ­MyDFS overcomes safe issues by using ERC-20 Ethereum-based cryptocurrency tokens. These replace real money in the game, meaning people from all over the world can play with-out any trust issues.
­- ­MyDFS makes the gaming process as simple and straightforward as possible, attracting more sports fans to fantasy.

uTrener DFS launched in Russia
  • We've launched the first russian daily fantasy for iOS, Android and web.
Kontinental Hockey League app launched
  • A white-label application for the #1 hockey league in Europe was launched and featured by Apple in AppStore.
uTrener app got a UK Gambling license
  • Now we've got a gambling license to start out business in UK.
MyDFS development started
  • We've decided to start a Token Sale to sell DFS tokens that are used in Fantasy Sports.
MyDFS Token Holder functionality is ready
  • Token Holder app is up for security audit and alpha testing.
New features are added to MyDFS app
  • New features are launched in beta-version.
MyDFS basic gaming functionality is ready
  • User app is ready for testing by members of the whitelist and Token Holders.
Pre Token Sale starts
  • We’ll only sell tokens with good bonuses to a limited amount of Token Holders.
MyDFS Token Holder wallet is publicly accessible
  • People in whitelist and select Token Holders can start making orders and using the Token Holders app.
Pre-sale finishes
  • Preparing for Token sale.
Beta test
  • The app is available for people from white list.
MyDFS app is fully ready
  • App is fully playable and available in AppStore and Google Play.
The app is fullyready for the biggest soccer championship
  • Sports data is fully integrated. The app provides live soccer scores and other related information.
NFL is included to MyDFS
  • Users will be able to pick a team of real American football players.
Intensive public marketing & PR campaign starts
  • We unroll a big marketing campaign to get as much users as possible onboard.
NBA is added to MyDFS
  • Users can create or join NBA league and manage own team.
Token sale starts
  • Token sale opens and tokens are available to buy for everyone.
Token sale finishes
  • Token sale is fully finished, unsold tokens are burned.
MyDFS app is launched on Apple TV
  • MyDFS TV app is available for download from the App Store on Apple TV.
MyDFS card is issued
  • Users can use MyDFS card to cash out tokens.
eSports is added to MyDFS platform
  • Dota 2, StarCraft, Counter-Strike professional teams are on MyDFS.
MyDFS Event in Las Vegas, USA
  • MyDFS holds fantasy sports event for industry’s leaders and major players.
Formula 1 is added to the platform
  • MyDFS includes Formula 1 teams.
MyDFS supports MLB
  • Major League Baseball is added to MyDFS platform.
MyDFS Fantasy Basketball Championship
  • MyDFS live championship will be held on August 17th, 2019 in New York, USA.
World Fantasy Football Championship Weekend
  • MyDFS holds World Fantasy Football Championship.
MyDFS starts to prepare for Fantasy Olympic Games
  • List of participating nations are added to the platform.


Viktor Mangazeev

Anastasia Shvetsova
Chief Communications Officer

Alex Kireev
Lead Backend Developer

Polina Polosukhina
Head of Customer Relations

Denis Polyakov
Android Developer

Vlad Zotov
Android Developer

Kirill Pyulzyu
iOS Developer

Anastasia Golikova
Project Manager

Slava Tsurka
Backend Developer

Artem Mekhmedov
Backend Developer

Dmitriy Korol
Frontend Developer

Alexei Rudakov
iOS Developer

Yobie Benjamin
CTO at DragonCoin

Frank Kan Fu
Managing Director at Meitu

Head of Business Operations at King and as the Head of Facebook Audience Network in EMEA

Simone Giacomelli
Blockchain Lead and Head of Business Development at SingularityNET

Eduard Gurinovich
Founder of CarPrice

Bennett Carroll
Director at leading
in-app mobile network, Vungle











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