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Ended-Jan 31, 2019  Rating-7.7/10

VIARIUM(VRX) is a virtual reality platform for selling goods and services using internal tokens and traditional fiat money. Sell your goods, create trading floors, launch showrooms and displays, build your own universe. Earn money and share new opportunities with the world.
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Basic Details-Financials-
Name of ICOviariumToken –VRX
WEBSITEen.viarium.ioPresale-No Info of Sale
Field of workVirtual RealityMainsale-Completed
CountryRussiaSoftcap1,000,000 $
Pre-sale -CompletedHardcap5,000,000 $
Start-end16.07.2018 - 09.09.2018Total /max250 000 000 VRX
Sale startOctober 10,2018Curr AcceptedETH
Sale endsJanuary 31,2019Price USD-1 VRX = $ 0,05
PlatformEthereumToken/ethAppx. 3200 VRX
TypeERC20Token/btcAppx. 92,000 VRX
MVP/DemoNAMin buyNA
KYC/WhitelistKYCToken Sale %130 Million VRX(52%)
Token Distribution-
Bounty- 02%
Advisors -03%
VIARIUM Foundation- 36%
Team- 03%
Token sale- 52%
Founders- 04%
Funds Proceeding-
Contingency expenses-5%
Reserve funds-10%
Marketing and PR-15%
VR Infrastructure-30%
Opening access points-40%
Social Details-
Nosale countryNAWhitepaper Download Link
OnePager Download link
Competition already existing - VR Platforms
Uniqueness than competitors - NA
Unique selling point if any -NA
Detailed intro of ICO

VIARIUM Platform is a decentralized network; virtual worlds are hosted in it. It is created and developed by the forces of our team and world hosters.

The platform is intended for the widest audience. Participants and users of the project have a unique opportunity to create and develop their own sales outlets and entire virtual worlds. In addition to boosting sales, they get the opportunity for securing additional income.

Blockchain technology in the VIARIUM project enables such features as: registration of rights to real estate property in a distributed ledger, secure, transparent and fast transactions for the sale of virtual property with funds sent through a smart contract, transparent and fair voting on various issues of the community: use of funds, blocking members with inappropriate content upon request from other members of the system, creating new territories etc.

In the future the use of blockchain will reduce the cost of server capacity by distributing the network load to multiple participating nodes.

Developing the concept
  • Developing the concept, Developing VR, Preparing and developing the economics and blockchain application.
Creating Genesis Land
  • Establishing first partnerships. Creating Genesis Land. Releasing the concept. Hiring the team.
Preparation for the Token Sale
  • Improving economics, business model and blockchain application in the project.
  • Preparing Whitepaper 2.0.
  • Writing materials and documents for the project.
  • Developoing VR showrooms for our partners. Improving Genesis Land.
Blockchain development
  • Development of Viarium's blockchain architecture.
  • Starting blockchain development.
  • Expanding our partner network.
  • Developing a consultant bot in VR.
  • Publishing a dream vacancy.
  • Holding a first VR conference of Viarium.
  • Creating a foundation.
  • Developing a recommendatory VR service for Genesis Land.
  • Airdrop
  • Deployment of contract rights and ownership of land.
  • The creation of a Marketplace of land.
  • The creation of the land auction.
  • Deployment of the contract Marketplace and auction land.
  • Creating a contract for additional land characteristics.
  • Creating a library for uploading data from decentralized storage to the application.
  • Creating bundles (libraries) blockchain-IPFS to download the earths surface in 3d.
  • Testing the blockchain-IPFS bundle (library) to load the land surface in 3d.
  • Contract deploy of additional land characteristics.
  • Creation of a contract of storage of 3d objects.
  • Deployment of a contract of storage of 3d objects.
  • Creating bundles (libraries) blockchain-IPFS to download land 3d.
  • Testing bundles (libraries) blockchain-IPFS to download land 3d.
  • Create download object 3d in decentralized storage with confirmation of ownership rights in IPFS.
  • Create a Marketplace of 3d objects.
  • Creating an auction of 3d objects.
  • Testing Marketplace and auction of 3d objects.
  • Deploy Marketplace and auction of 3d objects.
  • Creating the concept of gamification elements.
  • Creating a contact of ownership rights to gamification elements.
  • Testing of gamification elements.
  • Deployment of contract rights the ownership of items of gamification.
  • Creating Marketplace elements gamification.
  • Creating auction items of gamification.
  • Testing the Marketplace and auction of gamification elements.
  • Deploy Marketplace and auction elements of gamification.

Aleksey Mashkeev

Sergey Simanovskiy
Blockchain consultant

Darya Kolyvanova
Project Manager

Gulnara Galeeva
Marketing Director

Dmitry Zaharov
3D graphic designer

Ekaterina Yakovlenkova
Backoffice Manager

Vsevolod Korol

Denis Yarovy

Nikolay Lobzov
Art director / Leading artist
/ 2D artist

Alexander Phedotov
3D Artist

Matt Coleman

Anastasia Miron






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